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James Cameron`s Avatar Essay

Jake Sully is a combat marine who got injured while in a battle, which transformed him into paraplegic. Unfortunately, the VA has insufficient funds to help him repair his legs forcing him to remain in a wheelchair. However, Jake took the place of his brother after he was killed on Pandora, a distant planet. In order to solve the humans’ energy crisis, earthlings had to find the rare mineral available there. Pandora is assumed to be a very hostile environment especially for human life. For instance, the air there is toxic in nature, and the wilderness is totally filled with prehistoric animals like savage beasts. The avatars were created by the scientists who took the DNA from the indigenous Pandorans; humanoids referred to as the Na`vi, and mixed it with the human DNA. These avatars were created with the intentions of acquiring the rare mineral since they were controlled by the humans. In exchange for the operation of Jake`s leg, he was later seduced by the evil colonel Quaritch in order to infiltrate the Na`vi. However, after agreeing with the proposal, he found himself indebted to a beautiful member of the Na`vi tribe, Neytiri, who later saved his life. Jake’s desire was to remain in his avatar persona and give protection to the people from the annihilation the colonel had planned immediately after falling in love with Neytiri and being indoctrinated into the tribe (Wilhelm, 2009).

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When get involved in service, society`s mindset becomes trapped up in the idea of charity as a direct fix, making them forget the most pertinent course of justice. This is because the benefits received from charity are so appealing that it frequently becomes a temporary aid to the problem at hand. For instance, in the Christian teachings, it tries to merge charity in respond to effects, with justice examining the cause. This becomes an important perspective to keep in mind for it does not focus on simply giving solutions to the situation but it locates the direct source, preventing it from happening again. In this movie, Jake forgot the purpose for his moving to Pandora, which was to save his people from the evil plans of the colonel. We are told that his mission was to get close to the Na`vi, learn theirs lifestyles and have their trust. Later after falling in love with Neytiri, she takes him to his father, who is the leader of the Na`vi and its decided that he will be permitted to stay and get to learn their ways. With time, Jake was challenged by the extreme physical challenges of becoming a Na`vi warrior in the strange world by beginning to understand the Na`vi and their strong connection to all life on the planet. He benefitted a lot from this place hence choosing to fight against his own race and finding it hard to choose between what is right and wrong. Therefore, because of justice, we should reject all the benefits life provide but fight for what is right to all the people.

The bible verses about justice

Isaiah 61:8 says that the Lord loves justice and hates robbery and iniquity. Therefore, in His faithfulness will reward the people and make them an everlasting covenant. Another verse about justice includes the book of Psalm 33:5 which emphasizes that the Lord loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of his unfailing love. In the movie Avatar, the people of Pandora are disrespectful and intolerant of the Na`vi ways. All they care about is war and more money than life. It is, therefore, prudent to state that the bible is clear on the value of having justice rather than illegal benefits; because God Himself values justice and the entire earth will be judged fairly.

For our society to prosper to greater heights, it is better we fight for justice rather than accept the illegal benefits that are, in most cases, only beneficial to a particular group of people. Justice favors all citizens in the society. Justice wins illegal benefits because there is both security and unity in the justice and fairness which exist in societies. It all starts with setting clear laws, rules, and policies and creating room for repentance, apology and consistent justice.

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