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When a student reaches the last year of their degree course, they should demonstrate the acquired knowledge by completing various assignments.  A capstone project is one of the most common tasks assigned by examiners during the final year of study. It aims to check and assess the student’s knowledge and skills acquired during the course. Some people consider a capstone project as a careful investigation of several areas of the program being studied.

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If you do not know what a capstone project is, we can help you learn the basic rules that will help you understand the essence of this task. First and foremost, a good capstone project should combine knowledge of a variety of different topics and subjects learned during the course. Actually, a capstone project is the final product that should assure the professor that students acquired necessary materials and are able to operate them freely. The capstone project definition states that the main feature of this task is proposing and solving a particular problem.

The Key Rules You Should Know

The senior capstone project is similar to writing a thesis – it summarizes the course, demonstrates your capability of doing complex tasks, and shows what you have learned during the course. The capstone project requires writing a minimum of 45 pages with a good number of sources used. You should not use irrelevant or outdated sources. We assure you that capstone project writing is a nice possibility to demonstrate your writing skills and get a good start for building your career.

As for the structure, you should know that capstone projects require writing a title page, a table of contents, an abstract, main body, a list of references, and appendices if needed. If you want to organize the work properly, be sure to put all your notes in a folder, and it will facilitate your writing. Do not think that capstone project writing is the task for one or two days. Indeed, it is a very complex academic assignment that requires professional and delicate approach.

Try to Avoid the Common Mistakes

  • Do not rush. Again, try not to squeeze the writing process in one-two days.
  • Despite the fact that the capstone project is based on your previous work, do not copy-paste anything. It will appear as self-plagiarism and lead to academic failure.
  • Do not forget to focus on your problem. Your capstone project is not a set of researches and literature reviews; all your research attempts should be related to the chosen topic.
  • Do not lower the importance of the task. Remember that a capstone project is not a regular essay; it is a complex assignment that will help you take the first step toward building a successful career.
  • Do not be disorganized and scattered. All your data gathered should appear in a logical and organized manner. We assure you that your professor does not want to see the chaotic and jumbled piece of paper.

The Common Do and Don`ts


  • Make your project interesting for your target audience. Try to pick up the up-to-date topic to achieve the desired results.
  • Ask your professor what a capstone project is before the writing process. He/she will be glad to give you some effective writing tips and see if you are on the right track.
  • Do follow the requirements. Be sure to write a unique paper that will meet all the professor’s expectations.


  • Don’t omit the important details.
  • Don’t forget about proofreading. Be sure to check the grammar, punctuation, and syntax since it will also influence the examiner’s decision.
  • Don`t submit the paper late. We assure you that timely submission of your capstone research project will help you get a few additional points.

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