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Mulatto Girl Beauty

At 18, she was an attractive, slim lady with unusually big, beautiful, dark eyes and bright scarlet lips. Her hair was dark, straight, and shiny. She wore different hoops with jewels presented by her admirers. She was of medium height, but had a perfect stature with expressive breasts and a slender waist. Her name was Darar, which means “a pearl”. Darar was a mulatto girl with a long graceful neck, usually adorned with a pearl necklace. She was born in the searing June of 1985. That day, Syrian Tartus was gifted by nature with the embodiment of grace and female beauty. She had been dancing all her life. Her dancing in childhood was the only thing that fed her father’s heart with love. Later, dozens of men were intently following her irreproachable body with wild temptation. At the same time, women felt envy. They were never paid so much attention and they were never wanted by so many men.

She and her father had lived in a small house by the sea, rarely going out. They had only one room, which was cozy but frugal. Darar was a very kind and loving girl. She did not notice any burdens in her life, distracting herself with poetry, dancing, and helping her father around the house. Darar studied medicine because she knew how difficult it was in Syria to treat diseases. After her studies, she worked in a restaurant as a dancer. She adored her best friend, a dog called Bahidj; Bahidj means “glad”. By that time, Darar was still unmarried, which was abnormal for Syria at that time. Darar refused dozens of men, although they offered her a wealthy life. She wanted to fall in love with a special man, which happened sometime later.

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