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The Slumdog Millionaire Essay

Slumdog Millionaire is a romantic drama film which is Set and filmed in India. The film narrates a story of Jamal Malik, who is a young man hailing from Mumbai, the Dharavi slums. Jamal Malik who is an eighteen year-old orphan appears in an Indian movie dubbed “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”. He exceeds people’s expectations and thus arousing the suspicions of the law enforcement officials. Malik is at the verge of winning 20 million rupees in an India’s competition dubbed “Kaun Banega Crorepati?”

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The police later arrest him with an accusation of falsehood, since they do not expect such a street kid to know a lot. In desperation to prove his innocence, Jamal narrates a story of his life in a slum where he grew up with his brother. He tells of their adventures on the road together, encounters with some local gangs, and ultimately with a girl he loved, Latika.


Jamal puzzles the audience with the intelligence and tact at which he is answering the questions. People then wonder what such a young man, who has no apparent need for riches, is doing in the game show. In fact, Jamal does so well in the game compared to other children who are more intelligent, wealthier, and more educated than him. His performance leaves many to suspect that Jamal is cheating.

The movie exhibit Jamal as a strange child who shares the status of being orphaned with his girlfriend. In the movie, the male gender is represented by Jamal and his brother Salim. His gender role is that of intelligence, courage, and fight for survival. In his story telling, this gender role is demonstrated by the manner in which Jamal was able to survive with his brother in the unforgiving Mumbai streets and manage to befriend a young, beautiful Latika in their process of searching for food. Latika represents the female gender with her adorable, radiance of beauty.

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