How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay

If you do not know how to write a cause and effect essay to get the highest grade, we have prepared a list of invaluable tips and efficient pieces of advice to assist you effectively. The most important thing you should take into account before starting to write cause and effect essays is that you have to explain in detail how certain actions, deeds, or events lead to specific effects. To make it clearer, the key aim of your cause and effect essay is to show the connection between a cause and an effect. In the majority of cases, you are expected to present how several causes lead to a specific effect, or how several circumstances become the cause of unexpected aftereffects.  

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The most significant points that you should pay attention to while writing your cause effect essay:

  1. Prepare the list of the cause effect essay topics.
  2. Choose the topic that you are knowledgeable about and interested in.
  3. Conduct research on the chosen topic.
  4. Search for different sources, data or materials related to your topic.
  5. Take notes of all the essential details, pieces of evidence, or facts.
  6. Take into consideration that the same deed, event or action can be either an effect or a cause, depending on circumstances. For instance, on the one hand, euthanasia can be regarded as a merciful deed since a person is deprived of long-lasting and unbearable sufferings. On the other hand, it can be treated as a murder as no one is supposed to be deprived of his / her life on purpose. It is up to you to decide which direction you will choose.
  7. Show the interrelation between all the effect and causes in a clear and understandable way.
  8. Try to categorize all the effects under analysis. While writing cause and effect essay on euthanasia, you may divide all the consequences into ethical, medical, social, or personal. 
  9. Indicate what you are planning to analyze – effects, causes, or both of them.

Tips on How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay


  • Make the list of all effects and causes.
  • Choose the most important effects or causes that you will dwell on in your essay.
  • Use as many facts, data, statistics, pieces of evidence, tables, charts or examples as needed to support your points of view.
  • While writing effect essay, do not forget about the set aim – to explain everything in detail.
  • Use transitional words, such as because, as a matter of fact, otherwise, thus, to make your effect essay understandable.

Do Not:

  • Do not write about all the causes or effects. Choose the most crucial ones.  
  • Do not ignore the set requirements.
  • Do not forget to check your essay for mistakes.

Typical Mistakes Usually Made by Students

  • Presenting too many causes, effects or arguments in one essay;
  • Choosing too broad topics;
  • Failing to use supportive facts, data, or materials.
  • Forgetting the aim of the essay.
  • Forgetting about the purpose of your effect essay.

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