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London’s Greatest Landmarks

I decided to write a descriptive essay about London as it is one of the most beautiful and historical capitals in the world. It has always been an influential city in Western culture, and due to this reason, it has many historical attractions that are recognizable worldwide. Every year, England’s capital hosts tourists from all continents, and it’s no wonder; the city impresses visitors not only with its ancient landmarks but also with its modern innovations. This essay will describe London’s most famous places of interest such as Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster.

It would be correct to begin the essay by describing the city’s most iconic landmark, Big Ben. The traditional name of the tower is Saint Stephen’s Tower, and it is located near the Houses of Parliament. The clock tower is still the largest one in the United Kingdom and one of the biggest in the world. It is built of brickwork with stone cladding, and the top of the tower is framed with a steeple of cast iron. Regarding the clock itself, it was installed inside the tower in the middle of the nineteenth century. Edmund Beckett Denison designed the extremely accurate clock mechanism that rarely broke down. Moreover, it continued to work even despite the bombing during World War II. Until recent times, the 13-ton bell rang out to the whole city, though only the visitors seemed to notice the sound as locals got used to it. The tower is well-seen from every part of the city, but only when standing close to it can a person examine its real size. In fact, each clock dial is 25 feet in diameter. The hour hand and the minute hand are 9 and 14 feet respectively (Betts). Not only its scale, but the beauty of the clock tower is impressive. The huge white clock has black Roman numerals that are vivid and well-seen even from a big distance. The iron frameworks around the four clock faces make them look expensive and honorable. Probably every person who walks near Big Ben pays attention to the browed by age walls of the clock. They remind visitors and local citizens of the past and the numerous historical events that took place on the streets of London. It is possible to imagine knights riding their horses near the courtyard and watch medieval people living their everyday lives. However, after looking around and noticing the up-to-date buildings which rise above the city, it would return the person back to reality. Such a unique and remarkable combination of ethnicity and modernity induces tourists to visit London again. Also, when standing near Big Ben, it is possible to enjoy the wonderful view of the riverside of the Thames, on which boats with tourists sail from time to time. Besides that, it is valuable to mention the beautiful bridges of London. Several of them are located near the Clock Tower, so people who ride them have a great chance to observe the unforgettable view of the river and Gothic buildings. In addition, the atmosphere near Big Ben is supported by double-decker buses, taxis, hurrying locals, and hundreds of amused tourists. Even at night, the space near the Houses of Parliament is overcrowded because everyone wants to enjoy the fascinating landscape when the four clock faces are illuminated.

Describing the capital of Great Britain, it is also important to mention The House of Parliament, known to many as the Palace of Westminster. This greatest symbol of London, together with Victoria Tower and the Clock Tower, forms an impressive architectural complex recognizable throughout the world. These buildings serve as the meeting places of two legislative bodies, namely the House of Commons and the House of Lords. The Houses of Parliament are remarkable examples of Gothic architecture. In fact, the Palace of Westminster is the biggest Gothic palace in the world, and indeed the most impressive. The grandeur of constitutional monarchy and the features of the bicameral parliamentary system show the national character of Britain. In order to imagine the full scale of the building, it is valuable to mention the general distance of all its corridors, which is two miles, and the number of its rooms – more than a thousand. It would not be easy to describe in detail all the rooms, halls, and interesting objects inside the building, but some facts are worth mentioning. For example, the only original place in the Palace of Westminster is Westminster Hall; all other buildings were reconstructed. Unfortunately, it is the only one original facility, all other parts of the Palace were damaged due to the fire in 1834 (The Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica). One of the most distinctive features of the Hall is the oak roof, which was a huge constructional achievement created in that period of time (World Heritage Centre). The wooden roof is decorated with big carved angels that symbolize guardians of the hall. Probably, every visitor of the hall wonders how clever and talented people were many centuries ago. When a person looks up, he or she, perhaps, asks him or herself how possible it was to construct and install such a big roof absolutely manually and without using any technical devices. Undoubtedly, Westminster Hall can impress anyone with its unique architecture and historical value, and this place is really worth seeing.

My childhood dream influenced the topic of my essay. I have always been interested in the culture and history of Great Britain. In addition, I consider London to be one of the most affecting cities in the world, and its most spectacular landmark Big Ben- a must-see building. Obviously, it is much better to see once than hear a hundred times so I do hope one day I will see London with my own eyes.

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