Annotated Bibliography Writing

What is an annotated bibliography? An annotated bibliography definition is as follows: it is a set of references including certain books and articles. Each source is accompanied by a short description. In most cases, the paragraph is approximately 150-200 words, and it describes and evaluates the references and explains how they will be used further in research. The aim of the annotation is to update the readers about the importance and reliability.

An annotated bibliography is generally prepared ahead of any big assignment, such as a coursework, thesis paper or a dissertation. It depicts the student’s decisions regarding the references chosen in order to support the ideas and theories in future work.

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How to Write an Annotated Bibliography? Some Handy Tips

  • An annotated bibliography is a well-researched list that students prepare prior to writing a big paper such as a dissertation or a thesis paper.
  • Any annotated bibliography must always include as much data as possible in the shortest way possible.
  • It should present correct and accurate information.
  • The student must be aware of importance of the context, content, the authority of the author and relevant date of publication (it cannot be outdated). These factors must be considered while preparing an annotated bibliography.
  • The annotated bibliography must be error-free and thoroughly proofread for any possible mistakes. Any grammar mistake can spoil the paper, even if it has the best content.
  • The chosen citation style must be strictly followed.

The Process of Writing

  • You must possess certain academic skills. It is necessary to be able to write strictly to the point, to carefully analyze the presented information, and to demonstrate your clear understanding of the topic.
  • Be specific about the details related to the titles, authors, websites, documents, and other valuable materials that you are going to include in your annotated bibliography.
  • Carefully read the texts that you found. Make sure to mark, take notes of the sources, copy or scan the materials so that you can find the needed information later.
  • Prepare alphabetized lists of all the materials you have picked, including the referencing of all details in the needed style. Make sure your annotated bibliography format sticks to the requirements.
  • For each reference, you must prepare a short paragraph, which is referred to as an annotation. This annotation summarizes the principal topic. It is also needed to include a small passage evaluating the information about the author and his or her authority, to describe the target audience, and to make some connections and comparisons between the works you have picked. Also, do not forget to explain in which way every work assists with clarifying, explaining or supporting your subject.

Points to Remember When Writing an Annotated Bibliography

  • A good example of annotated bibliography is thoroughly proofread and written according to the academic standards.
  • Always try to be brief (200 words per entry maximum) – do not overuse the adverbs and adjectives to make your piece of writing intricate. Long sentences are considered to be the spoilers of an annotated bibliography.
  • Always remember about the appropriate format for citations, as following the style meticulously is very important in this particular piece of work.

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