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Totemism Theory Essay Sample

James Frazer is among the earliest anthropologists to develop theories of the nature and belief of religion. This resulted into concept of animism hence his theory of totemism.

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Ludwig Wittgenstein (1989) faulted Frazer’s totemism theory. This is because Frazer wrote that rituals and myths depended upon people’s opinions about the world.

Robert Fraser (1990), notes that the “The Golden Bough” is one of the greatest classic of the world a foundation stone of the modern sensibility. He talks of Frazer’s knowledge on taboos and magic during the Victorian period, who always assumed to be first in everything.

Robert Ackerman (2002), he claims that Frazer did not think of relying on secondary data sources, he was unable to conduct a more first-hand studies by himself. He also did a comparative study on Frazer’s contemporary scholars.

Encyclopedia.com (1968), notes that Frazer portrayed man has primitive creature. He associated magic to childhood, adolescent was associated with the religious belief while maturity was dominated with scientific discoveries.

Hans Mol (1978) notes that Frazer’s approach to religion and magic make his views unsatisfactorily and therefore viewed as errors. He implied that primitive thoughts were part of human tradition.

Newworldencyclopedia.org. (2006, June 5), the modern development in totemism has seen individuals adopting animals and attaching meaning to them as personal totem.

Petrunic, J. (2009, January), the author identifies Frazer’s personal weakness, his relying on other scholars and missionaries works. Petrunic also claim the Frazer was less travelled and therefore was unable to conduct a thorough research on anthropological issues.

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