75 Most Controversial Mind Blowing Topics for Your Essay

Controversial essay topics present a significant challenge for the most ambitious students. On the one hand, they should be able to choose a topic of real controversy. On the other hand, they should be able to find enough arguments and evidence to support this controversy. A controversial topic essay has various strengths, but it also has weaknesses. Still, its main purpose is to provide the audience with a better understanding of a controversial issue. Moreover, students should incorporate sufficient evidence to persuade the audience that their position on a controversial issue is valid and convincing.

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Students with at least some experience in writing controversial essays know that the entire process can be quite fascinating, albeit challenging and lengthy. Starting with topic selection, and up to refining the final draft of the paper, students must stay focused and choose only the most convincing arguments to support their position. It is an opportunity for every student to express his or her views on a controversial topic. However, this view should be strongly supported by evidence. Furthermore, a controversial essay is another opportunity for a student to bring a controversial issue to the attention of their readers while allowing them to revisit their own views on the problem. Besides, a good controversial essay will consider the opposing views on the topic and provide argumentation to refute the opposite side. The student must be ready to structure and organize the paper according to the fundamental conventions of academic writing, beginning with an introduction and thesis statement, and up to a well-designed conclusion that summarizes the argument. By following these recommendations, every student will be able to design a brilliant controversial essay that is structured, focused, and convincing. Every essay should be written in ways that provide an argumentative answer to a controversial question and motivate the reader to reconsider his or her views on the same problem.

How to Choose a Perfect Controversial Essay Topic

One of the greatest challenges in writing a controversial essay is choosing a topic that is genuinely controversial. We have decided to help you in this activity. Follow our recommendations to find a topic that will benefit your controversial essay and make it impressive in the eyes of your readers. However, no matter which topic you choose, you will still need to do extensive research, use the latest evidence and sources, and incorporate them smoothly into the body of your paper to create a smooth argument. You will also need to consider other positions and arguments. You should not expect that your readers will silently agree with your position. Apart from using rich compelling evidence to support your position, you will need equally relevant evidence to refute the position of others. Choose facts over anecdotal evidence. Use credible literature. Do not use sources that are old or obsolete. Write down the question and the topic of your essay, and be ready to defend your position in front of your audience.

Do not forget about a thesis statement. Your task is to provide your readers with a general overview of your paper and outline the key theme and argument for your paper. Your thesis statement will work as the backbone of your controversial essay. Everything you write in the body of your paper will have to be related to your thesis statement. Your thesis statement will need to be brief but informative. Not more than two sentences – and that is it. Use as many facts as you need to support the answer to your controversial question. Facts and statistics – these are the things you need in your paper. Finally, you can create a list of references for your controversial essay. This is how you construct an outstanding controversial essay on any of the topics listed below.

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Controversial Essay Topic Examples

  1. Legalization of abortions – a necessity.
  2. Advanced education is the only way to make a perfect career.
  3. Polygamy is inevitable even in the developed society.
  4. Terrorism is the only global threat.
  5. Lesbians and homosexuals have serious negative impacts on society.
  6. Plastic surgery should be available to anyone who wants to change his or her face.
  7. Everyone deserves forgiveness, even after major crimes.
  8. Governments should regulate and control fast food restaurants to reduce the scope of obesity.
  9. Soft drinks should not be sold to children.
  10. Marijuana and heroin should be available like over-the-counter medications.
  11. Any music is good for human health, even if it is dead metal.
  12. Those who have cancer and other terminal illnesses should have a legal right to suicide.
  13. Religion is the only for society to become spiritually advanced.
  14. Internet censorship should become legal.
  15. Rules and regulations should govern all societies.
  16. Child adoption is an unethical procedure.
  17. Decisions should be made by consensus rather than conflict.
  18. When children watch movies, their parents should watch these movies with them.
  19. Higher education institutions are full of cheaters.
  20. Alcohol presents one of the biggest dangers to humans.
  21. Child labor is not always evil; it is often a great opportunity for children to earn their first money.
  22. All countries should impose a ban on public smoking.
  23. Alcohol consumption in households should be severely controlled.
  24. Countries should have more than one state language.
  25. Age should not be a barrier to personal and romantic relationships.
  26. Same-sex marriages are a plague.
  27. Government involvement in healthcare is the only way to help people improve their health.
  28. Higher education is a costly thing for most people.
  29. The job market creates numerous inequities and injustices for racial minorities.
  30. Grades in higher education – a matter of the past.
  31. Sports have become a fertile ground for raising drug addicts.
  32. Companies must compete fairly.
  33. Only adults should be allowed to make political decisions.
  34. Being lazy is more a benefit than a problem.
  35. Gays should not be allowed to get married and have children.
  36. A single set school – more problems than benefits.
  37. The world violates even the basic human rights.
  38. Death penalty is the only way to punish criminals.
  39. Human trafficking is just a myth.
  40. Expatriates should not be allowed to take jobs from nationals.
  41. Cybercrime is inevitable in the world of information technologies.
  42. Domestic violence is something women should never tolerate.
  43. School uniforms must always be here.
  44. Imprisonment is the only way to punish drunk drivers.
  45. Modern societies can eliminate child abuse.
  46. Food safety – a myth or reality?
  47. Industrial manufacturers should not be blamed for environmental degradation.
  48. Gambling is a great thing for people.
  49. Violence affects even the best schools.
  50. Divorce is nothing unusual in the lives of most people.
  51. Immigration is just a reason to change the place of residence.
  52. All athletes use drugs.
  53. Poverty is a product of objective rather than subjective factors.
  54. Media promote terrorism.
  55. Minimum wages should be increased.
  56. CEOs receive fair compensations for their strategic efforts in organizations.
  57. Overpopulation is just a fairy tale used to justify the resource ambitions of large firms.
  58. Society is full of cults.
  59. Eating disorders can be cured.
  60. Genital mutilation is a cultural tradition that deserves respect.
  61. All nations have the right to defend their security.
  62. No one can guarantee freedom of speech.
  63. Globalization is here.
  64. The world will never overcome racism.
  65. Freedom of religion is an oxymoron.
  66. Whistleblowers should be praised for protecting fairness and justice.
  67. Media freedom does not exist.
  68. The government should promote tax reforms.
  69. Governments should impose stricter control on concealed guns.
  70. Organizations can never achieve diversity in the workplace.
  71. Professional sports are impossible without steroids.
  72. Global warming benefits the planet.
  73. Legalizing marijuana.
  74. Technologies improve the lives of humans.
  75. Drug free zones do not bring the expected effects.

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