Perfect Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay definition is as follows: it is a specific writing assignment, which involves providing comprehensive description of a specific individual, building, city, situation, concept, etc. The main aim of descriptive essays is to present your subject in a clear and specific manner, to make sure the audience can easily imagine the object or individual under description.

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Key Points for Consideration

  • A descriptive essay must be clearly structured, just as any other type of writing. You must always begin with introduction of the object or individual under description. You should present some basic information regarding the person or the object, etc. in order to make your audience familiar with it. Do not forget to write a detailed thesis statement; it must be clear in meaning and outline the major points of your writing. Usually, we may find the topic sentence at the end of the introductory paragraph, but sometimes there are exceptions.
  • When it comes to body paragraphs, you must always focus on particular characteristics of the chosen object and describe those specific qualities in the detailed way. For example, if you are writing about a person, you can describe their appearance in one paragraph and the traits of their character in another. The last paragraph of the description essay may discuss the individual’s hobbies and interests.
  • In the concluding paragraph, you must present your personal views regarding the chosen object, and explain what prompted you to make it the subject of your essay.
  • The main aspect of a descriptive essay is the specific details, therefore, you must provide concrete descriptions. You may use colorful adverbs and adjectives in your paper. Another important piece of advice is to mention some characteristic features of an object, something that makes it unique and interesting for the audience. The readers must be attracted by your description.
  • When describing the object of interest in a detailed way, you may try grouping similar and different traits together in order to ensure your writing is properly organized.

Common Mistakes

  • Lack of the main idea. Your assignment must necessarily concentrate one principal idea that must be entirely clear to your audience. Make sure your paper is well-balanced.
  • Adjective overuse. Instead, try to adopt a personal perspective, and use your own impressions and feelings when describing the object or the person.
  • Do not use very scientific and confusing words for your descriptive essay. It has to be as simple as possible. Do not confuse the readers.
  • Failure to stick to the required format. Make sure that your essay follows a certain format.

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