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If you are a college or university student who majors in Literature or adjacent disciplines, you will surely have to write a character analysis essay at some point in your studies. This is a common type of writing assignment that evaluates students’ critical and analytical thinking skills as well as their ability to provide logical and coherent pieces of writing. Even though this essay is often assigned to students of different levels, many consider it to be challenging, so they often prefer to buy character analysis essay from custom writers.

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According to the character analysis definition, this is a piece of academic writing that focuses on describing, comparing and contrasting, and analyzing characters within one or more given pieces of literary works. To provide an efficient essay, a student needs to thoroughly read the book or story, paying attention to details and pinpointing relations among different characters. Such an essay is considered to be successful when you not only describe or summarize the characters’ roles and their interaction but analyze their experiences, behavior, and relationships. Any arguments you provide should be backed up by solid evidence. Last but not least, apart from these general standards of a character analysis essay assignment, you also need to adhere to specific instructions provided to you by your professor.

Overall, writing a character analysis essay is always a complicated and time-consuming task. You need to set aside enough time for reading, taking notes, analyzing characters, and then putting together all the pieces of this analysis to produce a paper. Apart from focusing on whether the paper meets general requirements in terms of content, you should also pay attention to the paper structure, formatting, and mechanics, namely grammar, punctuation, spelling. If it is too stressful for you to cope with your task or if you have no inspiration or creativity to deal with it, you can always count on experienced writers from the custom writing service.

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Things You Need to Know About Writing a Character Analysis Essay

A character evaluation essay is an analytical piece of writing, where you need to critically analyze characters, their relationships, motivations, and behaviors as they express themselves within a given story. Such assignments teach students to think critically and analytically, evaluate the actions of the characters, and reflect on their judgments. When working on this type of assignment, you need to describe characters and focus on any pending conflicts within the story.

When writing a character analysis, you normally have to take a fresh perspective on the story and characters. Try to look beyond some average interaction to find some interesting focuses. In short, your task is to look through each characters’ synopsis and analyze how all characters are involved in the literary work.

Why Provide Character Analysis?

One of the underlying reasons why professors assign character analysis papers is because they can properly evaluate not only students’ fluency in writing but also their critical thinking skills. This assignment can reveal the role of characters within a story, their traits, conflicts, and relationships. To make the piece of writing efficient, you will need to provide information on characters, describe them, indicate their role, and analyze their actions.

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Types of Characters

Before you start working on your character evaluation paper, you first need to be aware of the type of characters that you can encounter within a book or story. Check them out:

  • Protagonist. This is the main character in the story, usually, the one you empathize with. The whole plot revolves around their life, feelings, thoughts, and actions.
  • Antagonist. This is another main character, usually a villain who confronts the protagonist. Whereas the protagonist usually has positive character traits, the antagonist has negative ones.
  • Major. This is a character who dominates in the story. By being not the main one, he or she is still present in many scenes and events.
  • Minor. These characters may appear in some story episodes randomly. They do not play some role that is significant for plot twists.
  • Stereotypical. Usually, such a character is a bright representative of some popular stereotype and he/she has a set of traits that represent some historical, ethnic, gender, or cultural backgrounds of the story.
  • Dynamic and static characters. They oppose each other to a certain extent. Thus, while one hero undergoes certain transformations (be it a transformation of character, a change in beliefs, etc.) the other one remains static (personal beliefs or character traits are unchanged). Normally, dynamic characters prove to be more appealing and interesting than static ones, but it happens not always.
  • Multidimensional. They are versatile in their different traits and personalities they may have. As a rule, they draw much attention and interest from readers.
  • Foils. These ones are contrasting characters to the protagonist and the main characters.
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What Is a Character Analysis Essay?

When you need to write a paper evaluating characters in a specific literary work, make sure you know the basics of successful analysis. Normally, you need to pick a few perspectives and analyze characters according to them. The more complex and versatile a character is, the easier it can be for you to analyze him or her. Specifically, you will be able to provide more details and characteristics. On the whole, a perfectly-planned character analysis paper should be focused on the following aspects:

  1. Personality. Focus on the personality of each hero you analyze. Pay attention to their features, mode of behavior, specifics of making decisions, and others. In other words, you need to paint their portrait in words. Make sure you do not use generalized descriptions, such as “bad,” “good,” etc. – try to be more specific in your illustrations.
  2. Role within the story. Pinpoint the importance of each character introduced in the story. How does he/she play a role in boosting or moving forward the events?
  3. Development of characters. Analyze how a character develops within the story. What was the character like when he/she first appeared in the book and what is he/she like at the end of the story? Focus on the events, relationships, traits, reactions, and overall behavior of the character.

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