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The Little Black Dress

A wardrobe occupies the whole left side of a room in which I live. This wardrobe does not differ from any other wardrobe by description, but it has one feature that is the most pleasant for me: my little black dress inside. This dress is only one of plenty of dresses and skirts I have in the wardrobe. I open the doors of the wardrobe and look inside. Amongst the colorful variety of different items of clothing designed for different occasions, I find the little black dress. Yet, it is an item of clothing with a history and personality all its own. At first sight, my black dress is not made of any precious textile. It is simple and does not have any pictures or synthetic jewel materials. The dress is straight tailoring with no sleeves. The dress’s color is flat black-on-black. When I touch my dress, it feels soft and a bit warm to the touch.

Upon further handling of the dress, I recognize the seams that provide its existence. All the seams are straight and neat. The dress is made of high-quality black silk. In the middle of the dress from the back side, there is a sheer gusset that covers the place from the neck till the girdle. Due to that gusset, the little black dress looks intriguing and seductive. At the same time, the dress is not too short as the length of the dress is ninety centimeters.

At first glance, my dress is very simple with no special features. But the silver metal hanger with a black silk dress on it makes the whole picture look luxurious and expensive. In such moments, it is obvious that the beauty lies in simplicity. Red trousers together with a white cotton shirt on the left side from the black dress and a yellow skirt on the right side are waiting patiently to be used someday. The grey thin belt is like a gorgeous snake hanging on the side of the wardrobe door. A pair of warm red high-heeled dress shoes is standing under the dress like an expensive car waiting for a speedy ride to the memorable event.

Suddenly, new stuff catches my sight: a black plastic mask, a big shiny ring with a huge artificial stone, and a pair of red silk gloves. Unforgettable memories appear in my head of a ball carnival. The black mask stands as a reminder of the exciting guessing of the audience that came to the ball. A pair of red silk gloves, as well as a big shiny ring with a huge artificial stone, reminds me of the feeling of the medieval style of holding the ball.

My hand grasps the handles of the wardrobe’s doors, and I quietly pull the doors forward to close the wardrobe and conceal the clothing inside. I watch the darkness occupy the wardrobe from the inside. When my hands guide the wardrobe’s doors towards the closing point, suddenly the deep emotions of the ball dancing and atmosphere flood my mind. I finally close the wardrobe, grab my keys from the table that stands right next to it, and head towards the exit door. I close my door, take my coat, go down the stairs, and find myself on a noisy street.

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