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For many students, writing a literature review is one of the most difficult academic assignments because it requires much time for detailed and extensive reading, and then writing. To compose a literature review, first, you need to know the text and investigate it properly. While reading it, you also need to jot down the most important points, extract specific details, write out citations, and so on. If you feel that you do not have enough time or expertise to do so, you are welcome to buy a literature review online. If you are handling the literature review assignment on your own, you need to be well aware of all the challenges that may come with it. Apart from having sufficient time to read and analyze the text, you also need to conduct in-depth research of other credible sources. As a rule, it is an essential part of review writing because you need to back up your arguments with credible ideas. If you have no previous experience writing literature reviews, this assignment may turn out to be challenging for you. If you do not want to risk your academic performance, we recommend that you turn to’s literature review writing service for assistance. Our company’s professionals will ensure that the custom-written literature review meets your expectations.

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What Is a Literature Review?

A literature review is a piece of academic writing that comes in the form of a critical summary or evaluation of a given literary work. One can write a literature review of a book, novel, or short story. In other words, a review is a critical analysis of a secondary source that may be written as a separate paper or may be a part of a larger paper, such as a research paper or coursework.

One of the main goals of a literature review is to outline specific ideas or arguments presented in the text. It is important to focus only on ideas that are relevant to the context of the topic or course. When you, as a writer, outline those arguments, you pinpoint what has been analyzed or observed in the text, what gaps you have noticed, what strengths and weaknesses the text has, and so on. Overall, the main purpose of the review is to identify whether the research or idea presented in a literary work is valid and significant.

The Importance of Literature Review in Research Process

When you are working on any type of research project, such as a research paper, coursework, a thesis paper, or a dissertation, you will surely have to write a literature review. In research projects, a literature review is an inseparable part of the content as it provides an analysis of the existing sources and therefore existing knowledge in the field. Besides, when you provide a review of literature you have used for sharing your arguments, you have a chance to analyze their significance and credibility. Therefore, you can prove that your whole research is trustworthy and that it relies on quality sources.

Here are the reasons why you should provide a literature review when you are working on a research project:

  • It demonstrates your in-depth knowledge in the field. Specifically, you can demonstrate how well you can identify the central topics and ideas, summarize them and evaluate them critically in accordance with the task.
  • It can help you identify existing gaps in the research field. As such, when you see some gaps, you can address them on your own.
  • It helps you come up with a theoretical background for your research. You can come up with theories and concepts that could help you move through the research process more thoroughly.
  • It helps you come up with methods that could come in handy in your research process. After you analyze all the strengths and weaknesses of the current research, you will then know which future implications to offer. Thus, you will use the best methods that could work best.

A properly written literature review is a great basis for a thesis paper or even a dissertation. It helps you unveil the existing research and also set the background for your future practical research. A literature review chapter is really important as it carries approximately 40% of the whole paper success.

How to Write a Literature Review?

Writing a literature review demands a great deal of time, energy, and effort. It is a responsibility, particularly when you are writing a literature review for some research project. In order to tackle this task successfully, you need to follow a plan. Here are the guidelines:

Clearly set your goal

If you are working on an argumentative paper, be sure that you need to come with a strong and clear argumentative thesis statement, where you specify the goal of writing. You need to demonstrate your clear position.

Make sure you have decided on the scope of the literature review

You need to decide in advance what topics, ideas or aspects you will touch upon in the review.

Find relevant literature sources that relate to the research as a whole

Some students are given a list of sources to review, whereas others are given just the topic. If you belong to the latter type, keep in mind that you will need more time to find sources. It is recommended to use keywords when finding relevant sources for your topic. Analyze the findings you have obtained. Go through each of the sources and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What themes do I notice in each of the literature sources?
  2. What conclusions can I extract from the ideas presented in the sources?
  3. How are the articles/ books/ journals relevant to the topic I am researching?
  4. How well has the author of the source structured the arguments and ideas?
  5. How credible is the source? Is it peer-reviewed?
  6. Are there any other topical questions that are not directly addressed in the source but that emerge from it?

Write the review

Start writing your review from an outline. Ensure it has the basic structure: the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion.

  • Introduction. Here, you need to provide background information on the topic as well as introduce the sources you are consulting.
  • The main body. It is necessary to logically synthesize the material you have gathered. It is not only required to report but also compares and contrast it, comment on the strengths and weaknesses, and then provide a critical review.
  • Conclusion. This is the last section of your literature review, where you have to have to reiterate the thesis statement and the main ideas and also pinpoint the main findings. Sum up whether you have achieved your initial goal.

After completing the literature review, do not forget to edit and proofread it.

Qualitative Literature Review Custom Writing Service

If you are looking for a trustworthy and credible online custom writing service where you can buy a literature review, you have just found it. is the best option for you as the company values its customers and cares a lot for its reputation. We can provide quality help to all students who need assistance with academic writing.

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