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Disturbia Vs Rear Window Sample

Disturbia is a 2007 film which was directed by D.J Caruso about a teenager Kale who was on house arrest and was more than convinced that his neighbor is a serial killer. The movie disturbia has the same theme with the 1954’s Rear Window which directed by Alfred Hitchcock about a pro photographer who suspected that his neighbor murdered his wife and he investigates the matter with the help of his girlfriend and his nurse. In both of these films the two starlings Kale and Jeff are obsessed in finding the truth about the respective murders despite doubts from the police.

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Lighting in the films is artificial in houses and in the streets and use of binoculars and the murder weapons used in both are knives. The same numbers of characters are featured in both of the films but the major involvement is by the main character Kale and Jeff.


The opening of the two movies has a lot to do with their themes; Rear Window was through the picture and Disturbia through dialogue. Themes of suspense, murder, fear, heroism, justice and police are shown in both of the films. Disturbia also has multiple settings unlike Rear Window. Due to the difference in periods in both films there is a difference in dress codes. The settings of the films are also different in that rear window is urban and Disturbia is suburban.

Lastly the films Disturbia and Rear are different in that they are set in different times. Kale is a teenager whereas Jeff appears to be in his 30s, and also lady character in disturbia starts the watching of the neighbor whereas on the contrary she tries to stop it in Rear Window. The sidekicks in the two films are also different in that in Disturbia are a male friend and a nurse in Rear Window.

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