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Hollywood Classic Movies Essay

Hollywood movies entail the movies whose origin is from the United States of America. The filming industry in the United States has a diverse change as it is changing from the ancient appearance and greatly incorporates much of the European culture.  The relationship connecting Hollywood and Europe film industry has always been a dualistic one. Until the 1980s, cinema studies considered the connection between Hollywood and European cinemas, in particular, as an oppositional one. Hollywood movies in the study have depictions of the standard general film fashion while the European cinemas have an acknowledgement and consideration of fitting to the principles of nationalized cinemas.

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Hollywood has become one of the cultural traditions which feed into the nationwide cinemas such as the western European nations. It is from this point that Hollywood should be seen as an essential part of nearly all nations’ film traditions. Hollywood has embraced diverse changes of the European manipulation. One of the aspects is the stars as majority of the famous Hollywood directors and stars are European emigrants like Alfred Hitchcock. European film culture and heritage has inspired most Hollywood production in such areas as the costume dramas. In the quest of embracing these European cultures, European audiences get an  accustom to the imaginary and the values of Hollywood movies, as the European filmmakers are also influenced by American film genres and styles, hence the major reason as to why Hollywood is submitting to the European influences.

In the American noirs, the actors and actresses mostly demonstrating the influences of the urban landscapes involved in crime and law, more precisely, law enforcements. The police body has acquired a high stature due to their involvement and their ability to move in all circles of the urban set up. The film noir to a great extent shows life in the eyes of the city and its shrewd and often broken denizens.

It is common that genres communicate indirectly about the society they originate or that they feature. This occurs mostly through their institutionalization aspect in which they feature a lot in their production. This applies very well to the culture of Hollywood as well as the American set up. Genres, a class to which the Hollywood movies fall in, bring to light the constitutive features of the society in which they get a build up. In this sense, they appear as a product of American filmmaking as sets of cultural conventions, such as which is more common in the European film industry.

The Hollywood filming industry ha s to a great extent comes face to face with the European industry. In the early years, most of the Hollywood movies were not selling as in the case when they decided to go European. Most of their production has a poor depiction one which many people neglected due to what they termed as a poor shot. The European film industry acquires a depiction as one which sells most of their movies internationally. Therefore to create a good market for their movies, the producers in the Hollywood movies incorporated some European aspects such romance in their industry. A keen scrutiny in most of these movies shows that the Hollywood movies have to a great extent been Europeanized.

Although the American threat has been on the issue of European traditions, and psychology, Hollywood has managed to put up with this continue merging with European media producers also integrating the European formats.  This can be seen in the case of the Europeanized broadcasting policy, in Turkey.  This has continuously ended up changing the picture of Hollywood movies to the positions of greater arts.

Looking at the horror films, most of them have an origin of Americans production. It, therefore, appears that a majority of those films use race as a marker in ways of generically consistency in the larger social body’s assumptions about the Americans superiority. The Europeanization aspect also occurred in the trial, to change the perception the populace had acquired about the Hollywood movies. They perceived that Hollywood movies did not have the landscape from which they emanated. In the 1940, there occurred a ferment change in Hollywood that would see a fine rupture develop into what the industry had offered earlier on and what it would offer later after undergoing a massive change in its industry.

The shop around the corner is an American film staged by a Germany born director known as Ernst Lubitsch in 1940. He was a prominent director worldwide due to the movies that he directed. Ernst made movies within the Hollywood studio system since 1923 through which success had a realization, all through in America. This led to his great fame in Hollywood in the early twenties and thirties. More so, the film had a redirection by an American director in 1958, greatly changing the name of the film to you’ve Got Mail. Presumption had it that there were diverse characteristics between the two films from the fact that one was from the European culture while the other was from the American culture. An analysis of this film will show that the American movie, The Shop around the Corner, into three aspects will reveal the great extent into which the Hollywood films acquire Europeanized aspects.

To begin with, Ernst’s direction technique can be looked into, compared to the contemporaries. If any difference arises amid his style of direction and his contemporaries, it becomes obvious that the differences arise due to the European characteristics that became incorporated in the film. Another instance of Europeanizing the Hollywood film can be seen from the comparison between the two movies, that is with the American tactics and the European director tactics. The two films already have the same storyline though their way of direction brings out the difference sandwiched between the American, which is Hollywood and the European film industry. It can be concluded from another stand that time that elapsed before directing the film with the European tactics greatly can cause the difference between the two films.

The difference can be in terms of lifestyles, as opposed to the methodology incorporated in the direction of the Europeanized film. It could also be alleged that the time intermission, would enable us to see the distinction amid the Europeanized American film industry, in the early Hollywood films which had an influenced from many European film talents, and more Americanized contemporary Hollywood movies. This greatly shows that most movies in the Hollywood genres have by far been incorporated into the European culture. This has taken various forms ranging from the way of direction, to the lifestyles incorporated into the movies in cases where some have been remade, as it was in the case of Ernst’s the shop around the corner.

The Europeanization of American genres has brought about the influence of cultural diasporas upon American cinemas and examines the complex, and shifting interrelations stuck between the American cinema European cinematic performance, and the European based critical supposition. The film on deliver us from Eva; originally American has several Europeanization aspects. The movie revolves around a lady, known as Eva. It stars Raymond Ray and Gabriel Union, who got some pay to date the difficult lady, Eva. Eva and Ray later fall for each other and many of the people gain high envy from the blossoming relationship of Ray and Eva. This causes Eva to abandon her shrewish behavior she had embraced in her life.

Out of the jealous the other men have because of her relationship with Ray they plan to kidnap him and lie to Eva that Ray had died in a road accident. They further convince her to leave the city. Eva undoubtedly believes them and plans for the requiem mass of his allegedly dead husband. Things get worst as in the middle of the service Ray appears in having fled from the prison and, all the truth comes out to be revealed. This hurts Eva bitterly that she divorces ray and in effect runs away from that city with an intention of starting her life afresh, doe to what had happened to her before.

She settles alone, but, this did not discourage ray from going back to her to ask for her hand in marriage in a second time.  Ray goes to Eva’s job area riding on a white horse. He persuades her to forgive him and take him as his husband. Despite Eva’s resolution to remain single, she accepts Ray back into her life. He asks for forgiveness from Eva who forgives her unconditionally and restarts a new life afresh again. The movie has an American set up. It incorporates several aspects in its direction and staging that have the European aspects. The tactics and romance are some of the aspects that have the American origin and staging.

The movie further tries to incorporate all the ways of life that to a greater extent reveal the European set up. The brevity and the romance part of the movies that are incorporated in the movie all the time. The staging of the movie also gives many European aspects of performance. The movie is also staged in Europe, and this diversifies the aspect into the European context. This is so because, for a European staged film it is mandatory for incorporating the European aspects and culture in the film. This has to a further scrutiny increased the scope through which the Hollywood film industry becomes Europeanized.

Another instance can be seen in the case of the tourist. This is a movie directed by Florian Henckel Von Donnersmark, mainly used Angelina Jolie as Elsie and Jonny Depp as Frank. It begins with Elsie run after by French police, working with Scotland Yard under the guidance of john Acheson. Acheson has spent many years trying to catch Elsie’s old lover Alexander who is in debt of 744 million dollars as taxes. Frank is an Italian native who is visiting America as a tourist, with the aim of restoring love that had broken up. On the other hand, Elsie is an extraordinary woman who, out of choice crosses her path.

Frank engages into some confrontation with the police and ends up arrested. Elsie later rescues him and leaves him at the airport, gives him a casket full of money and offers him some pieces of advice to leave the country, if at all he needed to be on the safe side. From this incidence, Elsie is seen as an undercover sent to catch Pearce who may have instead turned out to be his friend. Due to the fears Elsie had on Frank, she resumes her role in the Scotland Yard and sets up a plan to get Pearce into trouble. On the other hand, frank is in great love with Elsie and ends up negating from Elsie’s advice, to leave the country.

Romance life continues to revolve around Elsie and frank, and involving police arrests. After several confrontations with the police, the two loves flee the country with the lump sum amount of money, and without paying any taxes to the authorities. The two sail far away to a place that none of the authoritarians could guess. This is a movie, despite being of the American origin, incorporates several aspects of the European film industry and aesthetics. The shooting of the movie was done in Europe, and this undoubtedly leaves an avenue for European film shooting tactics.

According to Burton, it looks like most of the American directed movie industries are acquiring many European aspects in their staging. The shooting and even the costumes used in the American movies greatly reveal a high degree of Europeanization of the Hollywood movies. A greater effect occurs where the American origin movies are remade by the European natives, who incorporate a range of varying styles and changes in the original American movies. However, this change is also marketing the American movies largely, as most audiences have a greater affinity to the movies that have a European build up.

The distinction between Hollywood and the European cinema industry is not very distinct. Famous European émigrés such as Ernst and Hitchcock, as well as the actors and actresses, have impacted a paramount and a long-lasting impact on the Hollywood industry and film style. The Europe’s impact takes diverse forms such as in acknowledgement of the frequent superior creative accomplishments of the European film industry. However, small figures of predominantly flourishing European films are remade for American viewers.

Despite the potentiality of more incorporated European customs, the spreading out to a European culture has not been very fruitful, a fact often fixed to the supremacy of American media and comprehensive focus. Most precisely, the European film industry and the market through the joint European Union policy are somehow difficult for their films to cross their borders. This in essence causes their audience to outdo the Americans due to the huge potential installed in them. To increase the audience scope, most Hollywood actors and actresses are incorporating the American techniques to increase the audience scope.

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