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The media is known to be the main source of information, entertainment and education as the media falls in four different forms that include the Public Relations, Advertising, Print Media and Electronic Media. The Electronic Media is said to be the most preferred form of media this is because it provides the audience with a two way form of communication that is in the television and one way flow of communication on the radio (Matusow, p.4). The television will ensure that the audience is in a position of interacting with the media more closely; this is by watching and at the same time listening to what is being said thus being a clear indication that the media is a very interactive media that is being sort after by many audiences the world over.

The paper is going to highlight on the different ways and tactics that the Television uses to attract and stick its audience into the watching there shows and programmes. This is usually experienced on the television news programs that tend to provide the television companies with the most revenues that ensures that the companies are in the position of maintaining its operations because the more the viewers the more the revenue a media company receives. This will definitely force the media company to use unique tactics in order to attack more and more audience and at the same time keep the viewers glued into the channel without opting to switch from the channel to one another (Epstein, p.21).

There are different ways in which the news programmes uses in order to attract more viewers and also hold its viewers into their news programmes. This is when news presenters use teases and gestures, they also implement the use captive signature tunes; this is before, within and after the news, the companies also use physically attractive news presenters. They also use presenters of different sex, amongst other techniques that will provide the viewers with more urge and interest of watching the news programmes. Thus blocking there competitors with the opportunity of having new audience that will shift from one station to the other (Postman & Powers, p.9).

The United States of America being a democratized country has provided adequate room for freedom of information and expression and this has resulted to the various media houses that are currently airing their programmes in the country. Thus empowering the citizens of America and also providing the investors with the avenue of advertising their products and also stating up media houses in the country. As a result they boost the economy of the country as most of its citizens are more informed. The paper will highlight on two major media houses that are believed to introduce these new technological changes in the news presentation and they include the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) and the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS). In addition it gives the different ways that the news presenters of these media company use in order to keep their viewers stick to watching the news.

Ways used by different media houses to attract audience to watch news

The first way the media houses uses to attract their viewers into watching TV News is the choice of words and language, According to the book “How to Watch TV News” by Neil Postman and Steve Powers” the authors have argued that the media companies increase their revenues by the numbers of viewers and audience that are tuned in to watch the television channel or even listen to a given radio station. Therefore in order for the media houses to attract more audience and also increase their income the company has to select the best words and language that will be used to identify with their viewers (Postman, & Powers, pg 29). This is because the likes, wishes and demands of the viewers are varied and by the choice of the best language and words will ensure that a section of the population will opt to watching the news channel without shifting to the other news channels; this is because they feel closely related to the media house style and language.

The other way in which the media houses use to attract their viewers and audience is by the use of an attractive signature tunes; this is especially in the case of Breaking News and also in Special News Features (Postman, & Powers, p.59). The use of these attractive signature tunes will create an imaginary tune in the viewers mind and the viewers will want to listen to the tune daily before they watch news. This will help the media house a lot as the viewers will be associated with the media through the signature tune; thus boosting the numbers of the viewers watching the News programmes and the other programmes that are aired after the news program is over.

The media houses also use young and attractive news presenters who are of different gender. In the recent past most media houses used only one individual who would read all the news items and in most cases they were old personalities. But with time the media houses introduced the use of different news casters that were much younger and decent looking (more presentable) (Matusow, p.30). The news presentation casters were composed of a male and a female who will interchangeably read the news items. For instance, the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) has Cynné Simpson as one of its anchors while the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) has Kate Sullivan and Chris Wragge as their news anchors. Thus this is a technique that is used by the media houses in order to attract the viewers of all the genders. According to their argument they concluded that the female news presenters will attract the male viewers while the male presenter will attract the female viewers. This will ensure that the media house is able to attract all the viewers from both sexes (Matusow, p.68).

 The different news media houses have also instructed that news presenters to use facial expressions and also tease their viewers (Epstein, p.20). This is in order to attract more and more viewers into watching the news programs; the use of teasing and facial expressions will improve the quality of the news items and it will also introduce interaction between the news caster and the viewers. This is necessarily seen when the news caster introduce the use of facial expressions and teasing will make it easy for the viewers to feel more associated with the news presenters; thus igniting the interest of being closely related with the news caster (Postman & Powers, p.47). For this reason the teasing and facial expressions will be a sign of their presence being felt by the viewer and also make them more incorporated in the dialogue. This will also make the news more interesting other than the stale nature where new was so much boring and very serous that made it loose it meaning, but the use of teases will make it a communication process between two people.

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