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Terminator Set in Medieval Times

The Terminator is a science fiction action film that was produced in 1500 BC. James Cameron, co-written by Cameron and William wisher Jr. and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Biehn and Linda Hamilton directed it.

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In a post, apocalyptic 1600 BC an artificially intelligent machine seeks to exterminate the human race. This begins in 1500BC in Los Angeles where Terminator (Schwarzenegger) who is an assassin was supposed to kill Sarah Cannor (Linda Hamilton). However, Kyle Reese (Michael Biehn) was sent to her to offer protection. He was to act as a human resistance in protecting her. However, Terminator killed two other people as Sarah Cannor. Terminator tracks it target to the social gathering. However, Kyle saves Sarah from the Terminator attack where two makes an escape.

Kyle says that in the future, an intelligent machine that is artificial network called Skynet will be adopted becoming self aware and therefore initiate holocaust to humankind.  Sarah’s unborn child John will rule over the survivors and ensure that he is the leader of the resistance group towards the movement of the Skynet and the army that it will be made of machines. Therefore, with the resistance that will be offered at the point where they will be victorious, the Skynet has then a Terminator, which has a mission of killing Sarah before John is born. This is to ensure that the resistance that he John is to bring will be averted. Terminator is a machine that is emotionless and efficient in killing with powerful internal metallic skeleton.  It has external flesh layer of living tissues to act as a disguise therefore resembling human being.

There happens a horse chase where terminator is in search of killing Sarah. They take refuge in the chief camp where the chief’s soldiers tell Sarah that Kyle is insane and questioned by chief’s medicine men. Nevertheless, terminator in search of Sarah attacks the chief’s camp killing many warriors. However, Sarah and Kyle are able to escape seeking refuge in the bushes.

The terminator would not leave them soon. Therefore, it looks for them in the motel where they start chasing along. On the long run, terminator is entrapped in an exploding gasoline tank truck burning its external flesh. Afterwards, it manages to kill Kyle but it is after it has been blown off after Kyle jams a pipe bomb on its abdomen. Later, Sarah using the hydraulic press destroys it making it inactive.


The camera work in the movie is such that it uses white and black picture that makes it so real. There is a time that you get involved in the movie so much that you feel as if you are with Kyle in the battle where they use swords, horses, bow and arrows where they cover their sensitive bodies with metallic steel that were made by the then steel smith. The camera work shows what technology was at that time. it makes one be involved in the medieval fighting techniques where horses were used in the battle field. It makes one wonder whether the main actor will survive the wrath of a technological made machine like terminator that looks so horrific. The camera work at the time where the terminator is entangled in a steel melting furnace looks so.  The movement that has been captured in the bushes is thrilling and makes people to feel so entangled in the movie.

The combination of long, short and medium shorts is well combined in the movie to bring a complete sensation of the movie. The variation of the picture where the pictures are zoomed in, slow motions are used shows expertise in the camera work in this movie.

The movie also uses lighting of the stages very well with well variations of all of them in a perfect way to show old age lighting. The lights flashed in steel furnace, during the night, in dark rooms and through reflection from different surfaces make the movie awesome.

How the movie reflected the time

At this time when the technology was not much, the movie has really used the real things like sword, horse rides in a chase and steel smith using furnace making the movie so real at that time. the use of terminator as an intelligence machine brought about a lot of suspense to see what they will cope up with such technology.  The movie reflected many things that would be expected at that time.

Summary of the critics

The special effects are one of the things that James Cameron is usually famous for. He is very innovative and produces thrilling and stunning work, which can be cited in this film.  However, some of the effects of this movie look very good when they are looked at in the contemporary standpoint.  It might be financial problem that made this film to looked somehow of low standard in some of the scenes especially at this time of the year. Terminator having been produced at 1500 BC, the budget surpassed the one that can be thought of at that time. First, there is this scene where the Terminator removes the damaged skin from his eye to show the machine underneath that should look awesome. However, for curiosity purpose, the makeup department made a full on false Schwarzenegger head for the scene.  To a certain extent, this movie gets out of the whole context.

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