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Youth Violence Essay

Youth violence is the deliberate use of physical power or word of mouth against another individual or a community which may lead to physical injury, death or even psychological torment. Youth violence is majorly between the ages of ten to twenty nine or even in earlier childhood (Dahlberg, 2002).

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Major causes of violence among the youth emanate from; the media, abuse of drugs and substance, unemployment, peer pressure, poverty and permissiveness of the community. Firstly, the media stirs violence amongst the youth where it broadcasts false information to the people which imparts hatred within them. Media in many times airs out incitement sentiments to the people. The youth builds up opinions according to the information they receive from the media groups irrespective of whether it is wrong or right. They then act according to their opinions which may result to very serious chaos among the youth (Wambua, 2008).    Secondly drug and substance abuse makes the youth to break as violent beings. The effect of alcohol and hard drugs is to necessitate selflessness and low self esteem. These may make them to indulge into violence not knowing but basically due to the effect of the abused substance.

Moreover, peer pressure may be a key contributor into youth violence. The peers may come up with suggestions of harming the society and then others buy the idea because of an equal social status or due to influence. Again, unemployment and poverty all combined may ignite violence among the youth. Youth involves itself in robbery with violence so as to earn their living due to lack of jobs and also to improve their living standards. The idleness due to the joblessness may also make them to waste their energy in violence both physical and rape. 

Lastly the permissiveness of the society may make the violent behavior in youth to persist. This is because it is a collective responsibility of the community to guide and teach the youth as they are the custodians of the societal morality. If it does not play its part especially among the youth to dictate sanity then it behaves irresponsibly at their expense (Dahlberg, 2002).

More so, the various consequences of this kind of violence cannot be assumed. This may take any of these forms; It might be physical, psychological or even social. Physically this violence, may lead to various problems such as injury. This is due to physical fights which lead to bruises and other body harms. This may also lead to disability of the affected of even result to murder cases. Another consequence is psychological problem. The results of youth violence may be brain problems such as; depression where one cannot be settled for one thing (Wambua, 2008).   Another psychological problem of anxiety is where one gets too much anger which may lead to much destruction. Lastly, this violence may result into social problems. This may include; imprisonment where one is sent into jail as a punishment mechanism due to triggering violence (Jack, 2000). Likewise, one can be forced to bear problem of isolation from the other members of the society. One endures loneliness due to cold treatment from the entire society. Again one may be forced to start realizing diminishing returns in education or even in revenue generating opportunities. This is because one may be barred from learning of even people looking down upon one in business.

However, it is possible to curb violence amongst the youth by implementing a number of measures. These includes:  the use of multi component programs, training it and creation of awareness, policy making (Wambua, 2008).  Firstly, application of multi component programs among the youth may resolve this problem. This is because the programs occupy the minds of the youth such that they will not think of useless plans of causing violence. In addition, training and creation of awareness programs may be imposed among the youth. This may be aimed at alighting the youth on the outcomes of violence. If all, the youth may be informed on the dangers of causing violence then they may behave more responsibly. This works well due to the shutting of all ignorance doors. Lastly, the government may device policies which provide heavy punishments on the cases involved in youth violence. This may result on imparting fear among the youth so they live responsibly (Jack, 2000).  

Finally, the above discussion highlights some causes of youth violence, some of its consequences and some possible remedies of resolving the societal vice. 

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