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Health and Technology Essay

It is noteworthy that our ancestors, who lived many years ago, played an important part in creating a bridge that actually determined today’s technology. This innovation and curiosity extends our capability beyond human imagination, hence enabling individuals to conquer barriers in each and every time. Telephone, electricity and steam engine greatly changed human life on a great deal at the starting of the 20st century. This paper explores more about the way technology has impacted on human’s health, without siding with either the positive or the negative effects. The already existing information technology that was set in to pace some forty years ago has continued to direct the human imagination somewhere far beyond the horizon. However this technology, besides all the apparent advantages tied up with it, has some other negative results that have negatively impacted on human welfare (Michaels, 2011).

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One of the most affected fields is man’s health. Technology has negatively affected many peoples’ health and it also counts for some deaths that are registered daily in many countries. Take for example the wireless technology; many of the people never have a second thought about talking, e-mailing or texting on the go, hence spreading radiation waves into the environment and even their own bodies especially the moment they stay connected to others through the mobile technology. Research been carried out with regard to cell phones together with their towers does not have any definite evidence that health risks to humans can be caused by short-term use of the gadgets.

Given that technology has now been in use for a couple of years, experts have carried out researches in an attempt to explore more about the most likely negative impacts due to getting exposed to electromagnetic fields for quite a long period of time. Two groups carrying out research noticed that if one uses a cell phone for more than decade, this may consequently raise some safety issues particularly on the health of humans. Man has the ability to shape this world we are living in. Creation of inventions allows environment transformation, exploration of stars, ensuring that societies around the world are connected and also man’s lifespan extension. There are some change social and economic changes that been triggered by the invention of a computer. Possibilities of what the future technology holds for us are in fact not well known.

Another technological sector that has dearly affected man’s health is the Nuclear Technology. Explosion of nuclear bombs leads to spreading of radiations waves that penetrates through the body and even causes. This may well be understood when one considers the case in Japan after the Hiroshima and the Nagasaki bombings. Many years later there were evident cases of impairments and children with all types of disabilities. Many people suffered from skin cancer while others got other deadly types of cancer, all thanks to the nuclear technology (Kogan, 2002).

Technology has led to man’s continued use of locomotives besides some other machines. These machines produce gases like carbon dioxide which on accumulating in the space destroy the ozone layer. This allows penetration of radiations that have caused skin cancer on humans. Also industrialization which is as a result of technological improvement causes intense production of harmful gases. When man breaths in the gases, they may end up causing health complications and even possible death cases. Accumulation of poisonous gases such as carbon monoxide in human’s body mixes with the blood and forms a totally different poisonous substance known as carboxyhemoglobin  in the body (jeffolsonn75, 2011).

Technology also can be said to have positively impacted on peoples’ health. Many people today do not need to approach experts in order to get guidance on the proper modes of nutrition and hence improve their health. All the information is contained in the internet so they search for the relevant topics dealing with health and hence gaining knowledge on how to maintain good health. This trend has highly assisted many people even to overcome ailments that might have cost them dearly. Others when visiting the doctor tend to already have a clue about the problem with their health hence they have an idea of what should be done in order to counteract the health issues facing them.

With the thriving technological knowhow, usage of computers has been the order of the day. Apparently the computers themselves have greatly played a major part in affecting human health. Many people who spend several hours staring at the screen have ended up having some complications with their eyes, due to the light. There has been a long debate about the extensive usage of computers and researches have shown that there are the long-term and the short-term effects. Most of the people normally suffer from some structural problems that are associated with physically stress due to bad sitting positions for long hours.

Considering the new innovations in the technological sector, some people have even learnt on how to abuse and even corrupt it. Protection of one’s private information is quite encouraged especially when considering the various fraud cases and some other cases of identity theft. Internet has become a channel for individuals to post their personal information online, for any one to see. The most considerable section is the social networking which has become a hit such that undercover police policemen have intervened to in order to ensure total protection from rapists, cases of murder and pedophiles.

Most of the governments are striving to ensure most reliable and secure premises for businesses transactions. Protection of children from children from some content that is inappropriate is another factor that has stirred up a heated debate among many of the agencies. Besides revolutionizing education, personal computers and the internet have also made it easier for curious children to do thorough exploration.

Everyone ought to view technology as the future’s gateway. If one closely scrutinizes the whole idea, they will come into terms with the truth that the possibilities that can be created are actually endless. Regardless of the challenges man faces from the growing technology, one can still notice amazing things that are originating from the same and so technology can be said to play a critical role in today’s society. The future will be determined by whether there will be the enhancement of secure and a bit trustworthy technology.

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