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National demographic data is usually very important and each country strives to ensure that it stores this data safely and accurately. Storage and retrieval of demographic data were the major challenges before the computer era. The arrival of computers has since made it easy for this crucial information to be stored and of course retrieval is no longer an issue to ponder about any more. Internet services have even made it easier to access any demographic data that one requires at a mere click of a button. Websites have been designed specifically to offer this vital information as a result of growing demand for these services by planners, investors and almost everyone in the society. However, as much as these websites have demonstrated their usefulness to the society, one needs to carefully scrutinize validity and accuracy of the information posted on these sites. This paper explores six websites in an attempt to investigate the accuracy and timely posting of information on these sites.

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United States Websites

  • U.S. Census Bureau

This website has vast information on the United States demographic data. The information on this website is classified as into the following categories: People and Households, Business and Industry, Geography, Newsroom and Special Topics. The information provided on this site is quite up to date and the classification makes it easy for anyone seeking any information on the U.S. demographic data to spend less time in accessing whichever information he/ she desires. Once you get on the site’s home page, as already mentioned, it is easier to make your way through the website by clicking on the particular section in which the information you need falls;  for example, for information on the 2010 census data, from the home page, you have to click on “people and Households”.

To access U.S. Census Bureau website, there are a variety of search engines that one can use to effectively access information. The search engines include; Google search, yahoo search, Bingo and many more. This site is easily accessible using Google search. It opens the website in the minimum time possible and presents various options of navigation once you are logged in the site. Armed with the right search engine, you are able to find whichever demographic data you need from United States. This site as noted offers user friendly services. It is designed in a manner to capture the website user’s eye.

  • Population Reference Bureau (PRB)

It gives demographic data on various topics of interest. In order to enhance researchers on demographic data to have an easy access to information on the vast data contained in the website, the website on its homepage has Aa Data Finder as one of the tabs. A person using this website has to click on the tab which then displays data on various topics from which the user is able to select the particular topic of interest. It is however important to note at this point that compared the U.S. Census Bureau, this website is a bit hard to access information from, especially for internet learners.

  • Diversity RX

This website offers demographic data specifically tailored to meet the demands of anyone with interest in health services. Unlike the first two websites, which offers general demographic data, users of this particular website do not come into contact with vast information that falls out of their interest?  Users of this website are able to get up to date data on both private and public hospitals and the number of patients, as well as the rating of the hospitals in terms of services offered.

Other Countries’ Websites

  • The World Bank

This site provides valuable demographical data of the countries of the world. In order to access the data that you need, you have to go to the home page while on this website then find click on the tab for “countries”. Countries are arranged by as per their regions (the continents), this of course saves you the type you spend on scrolling in order to find the country of interest. Once you have selected the country, vital demographic data, for instance a recent census is displayed and you get read and pick out what you need. It must however be noted that the demographic data provided on this site might not be up to date since updating the website takes time due to the large coverage.

  • EDS European Data Service

It provides vital demographic data on European countries. The demographic data provided on this website is quite reliable since quite often, the data on the site is usually updated by the site administrator who ensures that such data is accurate and reliable. However, I found the website quite unattractive and not very much user friendly.

  • UK National Statistics

The website is rich in demographic information ranging population census to names of babies, might sounds funny but it is true. Therefore if you need any information that regard demographic data on UK, do not waste your, here you have the answer. The information is up to date and very accurate.

Having visited different websites that keeps information on demographic data, a major lesson has been learnt: always take your time before you choose the website that you settle on when you are doing your research. Try to spot cases of biasness in the figures reported and most significantly the last date when the site was updated. Demographic data changes very fast and a good website is one which tracks the changes by being updated often.

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