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Learning Disability Essay Sample


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A learning disability is a disorder that affects the manner in which a person uptakes, comprehends and delivers information. It is evident especially in arithmetic calculations, reading and problem solving. This disability is inconsistent, disappearing and recurring at different stages in life. There are two types of learning disabilities; Non-verbal learning disabilities and Language-based learning disabilities. They both share many similarities with autism and can be mistaken for the latter (Gordon, Peter, Paul & Malcolm, 2005).

Most people get problems with learning at different stages in their lives. To address this, stakeholders in the education sector should watch for the signs that students pose over time that suggest learning disability. Even though there are expected changes in the trends of learning disability in mastering skills and delays in consistency, they should not be ignored even in kids of four or five years old. Learning disability can occur with other disabilities making it important to keep a record of observations in young children to diagnose all the disabilities (Race, 2002).

Disability Checklist

The checklists prepared here are to be used as a guide and not for diagnosis or to replace a qualified physician as interpretation of the signs may need a skilled professional. Strict monitoring and early detection of warning signs and accurate diagnosis are important to assist affected individuals from school failure.

I came up with these checklists by researching on the problems faced by previous victims of learning disabilities and how they were assisted to cope with the situation. It can be used by all stakeholders in the education sector including students to make them aware of the conditions and how to cope with them.

I believe there is no sex difference in the capacity to assess a student using the checklist since it deals with probability; therefore, it applies equally to both sexes. The checklist also gives the major study areas and will work pretty well for all the subjects mentioned.

Disability of Understanding symbols checklist

It is normal for young children to exhibit some of the warning signs on the checklist. If many of these signs are illustrated in a child beyond the age where they are regarded as normal, then a learning disability is very likely to be present.

Arithmetic computation

ÿ       Difficulties in understanding diagrams, charts and graphs

ÿ       Difficulty in solving higher-level arithmetic problems

ÿ       Trouble in memorizing mathematical concepts and formulae


ÿ       Take an unusual time to learn to write

ÿ       Inappropriate spelling and trouble copying from other sources

ÿ       Difficulty in identifying errors in their own tasks

ÿ       Cannot properly organize written task, may also leaves out letters from words and words from sentences with many erasures

ÿ       Evasion and detests writing and finds it difficult remembering figures and numbers


ÿ       Tends to reverse words (instead of tea, reads eat)

ÿ       Frequently loses space while reading

ÿ       Tendency to confuse similar appearing words (beard and bread)

ÿ       Finds problem associating letters and their sounds

ÿ       Tends to read very slowly

ÿ       Have problem finding words in sentences and letters in words

ÿ       Have poor retention of new vocabularies

ÿ       Has problem recognizing and reminiscing sight words

Checklist for parents for children with learning Disability

ÿ       Difficult using scissors

ÿ       Poor pencil grip, may hold loosely or too tightly

ÿ       Takes a long time in learning how to write and writes poorly formed words

ÿ       May delay in learning how to speak and articulate

ÿ       May be unable to paint appropriately and cannot keep within outline

ÿ       Find it hard to use hooks, zippers and buttons and tying shoes

ÿ       Trouble in taking small objects from the ground

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