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Application Genis A. Zuniga

I would like to express my interest for the position of a [insert exact job title] currently available with your company. My experience and education, I believe would complement the position. I am a performance-driven individual with over 20 years hands-on experience in engineering project management, hardware and software engineering, I&T electronic engineering, network communication and management. I am eager to contribute my dynamic experience in engineering toward supporting the operations of a progressive organization.

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I have gathered hands-on experience at various institutions including Northrop Grumman Corporation, California and Maryland, and Westinghouse Company of Electronic Surveillance Systems, Baltimore, Maryland. In these great organizations, I have been deployed in various areas managerial positions including Engineering Writer, Electric Engineer and Test Engineer among other roles.

I have also worked across various countries with diverse cultural differences such as Argentina, Ecuador, India, Peru, Japan, Mexico, El Salvador, Tunis, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Puerto Rico, Poland, and the Republic of Georgia.

I have enclosed my résumé for your review and consideration. I have also highlighted some of the responsibilities and results of my work in the positions I have held. I am eager to meet with you to discuss possible career opportunities at [company’s name], at your convenience.

Thank you for taking your time to review my application. I look forward to discussing my professional career soonest with you or members of your organization.



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