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Application for RFE Letter for H1B

My name is Andrew Alexandra. I am presently working as a designer at ASMclothing. As a fashion designer, I have worked in designer companies for a long time. Some of the other fashion companies I have worked with over the years include MOHKAlife and Kirribilla fashion designer companies. Working with the fashion industry has been so influential in that I have gained a lot of useful experience in the industry. Therefore, I can effectively work in any fashion designer company.

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More so, the fashion industry has taught me a great deal that working there is quite challenging. In order to effectively work in such an industry, one ought to sacrifice a lot in terms of time and energy. It is also worth noting that patience, tolerance, diligence and commitment are highly indispensable in a designer company.

Additionally, fashion industry involves difficult tasks; hence, employees are expected to be willing to face the challenge and work tirelessly in order to produce the best results.  More so, as a designer in the industry, I learnt that it requires high level of competency in the field as quality work is emphasized. Fashion industry also requires individuals who are well versed with computer programs such as CAD and Photoshop in order to create graphic prints, patterns, and design.

With time, I have learnt that creativity and style is highly indispensable in the industry.  This is because the industry is a continuous state of change. This also calls for the ability to connect the past trends to the latest in order to produce quality materials. Working as designer also calls for adequate knowledge in the fashion history. Furthermore, business skills are highly essential in the industry as they enhance the industry’s performance.

In addition, it is imperative that designers display a lot of marketing skills as they are very essential in the selling of the company products. There are also very fundamental details related required in the fashion designing industry, such as, construction, illustration, and conceptualization. Ability to contain pressure is another significant requirement in the fashion industry.

What is more, the industry has taught me the importance of research and analytical skills. This is because the skills are essential during the creation of a new designs need sufficient research in order to keep abreast with the fast changing world. Speed is also a critical aspect in the industry as work needs to be completed and distributed in time. Besides, ability to complete work in time is not only necessary, but also aesthetical values in order to produce attractive apparel.

In order to qualify in a fashion industry, it is vital that an applicant is a holder in a Bachelor of Arts; Fine Arts. Most of the job descriptions for a designer job are found in many job sites, such as, allartschool.com, stylecareer.com, and monster.com. Therefore, my degree course in Otis College of art was very significant. Other than Otis College of Arts, degrees from other design colleges, such as, Parson College are highly recommendable.

The fine arts degree is important as it confirms that an individual has all the necessary skills necessary for entry in any fashion industry. Again, these skills form a gateway for any individual that has a desire to effectively work in the fashion industry. In conclusion, because of my past experience in the fashion industry, I deserve the H1B visa. This will provide a golden opportunity for me to advance my skills and grow more competent not only in the fashion and design industry, but also in the business world. Therefore, I am in a better position to effectively work as a fashion designer.

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