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Consultant Position Essay

In the January issue of the ‘magazine etc’, your ad demanded a motivated and experienced consultant. I believe that I have what your organization is looking for in a consultant. In addition to experience in a variety of financial settings, I am also familiar with management practices and consultation.

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Currently, I am associated with performing tax consultation services to Deloitte Tax LLP. I analyze and solve the problem at hand by my superior analytical and problem-solving skills. My 3 years of experience in managing financial affairs has provided me with deep insight to predict and handle different scenarios with ultimate creativity and self-confidence.

 The skills of planning, consultation, communication and leadership have been invaluable to me as a financial consultant. The special achievement of my life that is I am really proud of is that I am a co-founder and executive treasurer of the first African sorority in the United States i-e Alpha Omega Eta African Sorority, Inc. (please refer to my resume). It was my extreme fervor for finance and accounts which prompted me to join this field. I have also passed CPA test. Having proven leadership capabilities and a spirit to work in teams, I cooperate with others to come up with the best solution. Being a flexible professional, I am willing to travel as per the requirement of the nature of my job.

My experiences and abilities can better be reflected and explained if we meet in person. I would appreciate an opportunity to interview with you. I can be reached any afternoon between 3:00 to 6:00 at (480)2770432. I look forward to speaking with you.

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