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Presidential Election: Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton

With the US presidential election of 2016 drawing near, a lot of voters are feeling discontent and still undecided which candidate to vote for – Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Although members of the public might feel unhappy with the choices, it is important to understand that this election may have more impact on the nation’s future than any previous presidential election. It is important that a capable leader is elected in November 2016 since the American nation is in debt to the tune of almost $20 million, a debt that has more than doubled over the past eight years. However, there is a dilemma facing US voters. Do they choose a politically correct but dishonest leader or trust in a radical one that might bring much desired reforms. The years Hillary Clinton has spent in politics have been laden with scandal, lies, and deception. She has come across as someone who will do and say whatever is needed to win votes. Her deceptions have ranged from a cover-up concerning four American citizens who died in Benghazi and then lying about why they died to their families to deleting classified emails from a privately-held server. If this server had been hacked into, it could potentially have put the US at great risk of further attacks by terrorists. She has additionally altered her stance on many issues such as same-sex marriage. In the view of many, Clinton is a candidate with numerous flaws. It was this view that allowed the rise of Bernie Sanders – another “democratic” party nominee. In the USA’s history, few could have imagined a socialist party candidate becoming a viable nominee. However, because of Clinton’s flaws, many democrats viewed Sanders as a real possibility. But it is important to remember that Debbie Wasserman Shultz who is head of the Democratic National Committee was not able to describe the difference between a democrat and a socialist.

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Meanwhile, as the Democrats continued looking for someone to nominate, the Republican party – though “divided” – had selected Donald Trump. Of course, Trump also has flaws. He is deemed quite radical, is not an experienced politician, does not adhere to political correctness, and has declared business bankruptcy on at least four occasions. However, it is still thought that Clinton will find it difficult to beat him. Trump has managed to tap into American anger and appeal to people as an outsider. His approach has worked and he has so far smashed many records. For example, he has secured the most votes ever for a Republican candidate, has attracted the highest turnout of voters in the Republican party’s history, has run against 17 opponents – more than anyone can remember. The fact that Trump is a successful businessman makes him desirable to people. Despite his four instances of bankruptcy, Trump still owns over 500 businesses, has thousands of employees, and has made billions of dollars out of a million. Of course, what he says causes him to be branded a radical but, usually, what he really means is misinterpreted. Even though he is inexperienced in political terms, he does understand political corruption since he has financed campaigns purely to benefit his own business interests. Sure, Trump does not subscribe to political correctness but that is why his campaign is successful. His approach is straightforward and he puts the truth to the people of America. The “flaws” in Donald Trump as portrayed by the media are nothing more than the media trying to ensure another four years of the same type of unsuccessful policies of the Obama years, just delivered this time around in Hillary Clinton’s name. As the month of November draws near, American voters will have to make the difficult decision about who they should vote for. But the choice is fairly obvious really. Vote for the candidate who has four bankruptcies to account for or the one who has the lives of four Americans to account for.

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