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What Is a Great Discrimination Essay about?

Violation of human rights because of people’s social or financial status, i.e. discrimination, is the problem that sometime seems insolvable. A lot of people disrespect and even humiliate each other. In some cases, they do it intentionally, while in the others – they do not even understand that they have hurt someone. It happens because people are ignorant about such an issue as “discrimination”. It is sure that someone can say that such is people’s nature, i.e. it cannot be changed. Therefore, judging someone and comparing one person with the other is a common thing. It is quite understandable that the problem is very complex. In order to take steps to solving it, it is necessary to analyze how people interpret such notion as “discrimination”. Moreover, it is essential to distinguish between the discrimination types and find out their influence on people.

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The cases of discrimination can be found at each stage of life. The problem is that we cannot accept the fact that some people have religious views that differ from ours. We do not want to understand why people behave in one way or the other and why they have a particular outlook on life. On the other hand, other people judge us as well. Thus, is it typical for people to behave in this way or is it just the impact of society? To my mind, the very core of such behavior is the established stereotypes according to which people form their opinion about different issues. That is why someone’s ideas, viewpoints, actions, etc. irritate people. Besides, some individuals consider themselves superior to others.

Everyone wants to stay in their comfort zone. What does it mean? Some people do not even want to try to understand the others having different race, beliefs, skin color, etc. even if the latter are very smart and have exceptional talent. It is much better to communicate only with those people who share your point of view on various questions.

Everyone has their own image of a perfect person. Therefore, we cannot expect other people to act and think like we do. It is necessary to understand that every individual is unique. Otherwise, we will not be treated as unique as well. What will happen if we imagine the world where everyone has the same opinion about different subjects, dresses, acts, etc. in the same way? What if being not like others will be considered an unforgiveable sin? The question is how to treat such people, like human beings or machines? It is of great importance to realize that we have to respect everyone regardless of their race, skin color, political or religious views, position in the society, etc. All people should be treated equally as they have the same rights and freedoms. If you see nothing wrong in discriminating people, then you should not complain about being treated likewise. Do you want other people to show you disrespect because you differ from them?

It is necessary to change the situation completely as the discrimination tendency is increasing. There are a lot of stereotypes, for example, social, racial, that make a lot of people think they are better than the others. It is quite obvious that discrimination can be stopped. However, everyone has to make considerable efforts to achieve this goal. People should change their outlook on life. We should not take everything for granted. Only then people will be able to appreciate everything they have and respect others.

To make a conclusion, the question of discrimination is still to be discussed. Such problem requires much time to be solved. First, people should understand that the problem really exists and it is urgent. It makes some people feel unprotected. Such issue hinders healthy social development. Nevertheless, if people try to understand that they differ from each other, everything can be put in order. People make the world as it is, i.e. unique, mysterious, and full of surprises. Therefore, why ruin everything beautiful and worthy that we have. We still have a chance to create a perfect place to live in – our world. Future generations deserve to live in a safe and civilized society.

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