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Bigger, Stronger, Faster Essay

The 2008 documentary film Bigger, Stronger, Faster* is directed by Christopher Bell. This film was premiered at the Film Festival of Sundance and has since been shown in many other film festivals since it was released. Christopher Bell relates to the American Dream; mainly how steroids are used to enhance performance in the US. The title is derived from the Olympic motto; the asterisk in the title refers how titles of athletes are asterisked when they are implicated in using steroids. This documentary looks at steroid use of the Bells who grew up looking up to their superheroes; also featured are medical specialist, proficient sportspeople and fitness center affiliates; also looked in depth is the inconsistency in view of drugs, dishonesty and the limits people are willing to reach to achieve success.

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A hero is one who is a character either in a movie, book or play, he is typified with good qualities; the hero is therefore esteemed by others for his loyalty, courage, dedication, intrepidity, determination, valor, bravery, selfness, perseverance, gallantry, fortitude, focus and conviction. These are the attributes of a hero; which make them admired by people who emulate them if at any point they don’t lack many of these qualities they cease to be heroes.

Cheating is still deception whether everyone is doing or not. Cheating has cost many sportspersons their careers; like in the case of Ben Johnson in the Olympics of 1988-100 meter title. The line between deception and fair play is not well defined in every competition I tend to think that some teams seem to be disadvantaged; because some form of cheating is usually seen as a form of preparation for the sport and those who cannot afford it are left shortchanged. It all depends on the angle you look at from like in the case of Tiger Wood Lasik eye Surgery which gives him an unfair competitive competition against his fellow golfers.

Many people try at all costs to win while others play by the rules and get caught this according to me can be an either or situation because at the end of the day the best team wins. Some go to unimaginable to emerge winners by taking steroids etc. there are also others cases whether all the competitors are on the same platform so play by the rule. Others think they will never be caught and therefore trying to win at all costs, until they are caught!

Mad Dog bell and Little Miss sunshine faced a lot of rejection as they tried to achieve recognition. Mike Bell-Mad Dog bell had always wanted to a World Entertainment star, he therefore took weight lifting and was the captain of the football team in high school; after joining college he gave up football and took up wrestling, he later became so frustrated he was not the leading and strongest player that he tried committing suicide. Little Miss Sunshine always aspired to be a power lifter, though a poor learner he gave up his pro wrestler after his marriage. He still takes steroids and enters weight lifting exhibitions. In both of the above Bells; their goals were very realistic and achievable but they became an obsession and it is like their lives depended on the dreams. I think it is good for people to know that there are always going to people better than you at all times and it is therefore upon you to better your best and be the best u can be.

Steroids have been known to cause adverse effects on those who have used them at one time or another therefore they should be discouraged and fair play should be observed in all games. The notion that performance-enhancing drugs are unavoidable in the biotechnology world is encourage the use of these drugs but people should be told of their side effects as well.

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