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If These Walls Could Talk

If These Walls Could Talk comes out as an uncompromising trio of films that capture the contentious issue of abortion in an emotional yet fascinating way .It shows how the trends have changed regarding this issue. It is set in one house that will remain a focal point of the on goings where three families lived over the decades but different circumstances led to a pregnancy that was followed by an abortion .It therefore is not a movie for the faint at heart.

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            The year is 1952 and this sets the period for the first phase of the movie. The occupant is a desperate widowed nurse who gets impregnated by her brother in law. At a time when abortion as illegal, she tries to find someone who is capable of performing an abortion in vain. The story gets even more emotionally disturbing when she makes an attempt on her own! Her story is the most riveting and sets the pace for the other two. It is worth noting that the constant nagging of the harshly judgmental sister in law highly influences he decision making thus a culmination of events including her financial strain influence he decisions. Her story captures ones emotions and one cannot help sympathizing with her.

            The second phase of the trilogy occurs in 1974.A mother of four finds herself pregnant with her fifth child despite the fact that she is trying to earn a college degree. With abortion legal at this time, her daughter urges her to get the legal abortion but considering she is a parent, it is had decision-making. In her case, it is hard to pinpoint a particular reason as to why she would even consider an abortion. She had it all, a family, and education and still thee as the question of whether it was best for her to have a fifth child or to go on with the studies which by the way should not have been affected by a pregnancy.

            In the last segment of the story is set in1996.A college student gets impregnated by a married professor. As it would turn out. The professor gives her money and deserts her. In comes the best friend who also happens to be her roommate and who will not stomach the idea of an abortion no matter what. She struggles to get the best friend to change he mind about the abortion but this only creates a rift between the two. The broken friendship only adds salt to the injury, emotionally disturbing the pregnant girl. This leaves her with only one choice, to do it alone. She proceeds to the clinic alone amidst the struggle in the mind on whether it’s right or wrong. At the clinic she encounters angry protesters. Unsure of her decision and with the turn of events, she leaves the clinic without terminating the pregnancy. The twist is that her roommate and best friend has a change of heart and ill see he through the process the next day. With the full support of the friend she visits the clinic on the second day to find a clinic swarmed with police and protesters. The girl is ushered in and put in the able hands of the abortion doctor.

            The movie raises very important questions on the issue of abortion more so on the role the victims play in making the decision and the role of the society example, family members and close friends. It is also worth noting that the social-economical environment plays a big role in the final decision. It is a perfect example of the different choices different women make and is thus as thought-provoking as it is educative.         

            The example of the widow is good example is when the decision was influenced by the people around her. Considering she as recently widowed and financially unstable, her options were few. Add to this the fact that she had a nagging sister in law and the scenario can only get worse. Abortion was illegal at the time and thus the society in these times is a reserved people. The fact that it is her brother in laws makes it even worse hence the woman’s decisions are basically based on the people around her.

            The second case comes at a time when abortion had already been legalized hence society took a leaner view on the same. However, this woman’s case is not the typical unwanted pregnancy as it borders on ones choices in life. A dilemma arises due to necessity for choice. The woman in this case happens to be a mother of four, pursuing he degree and with her utterly modern feminist daughter encouraging he to abort, there arises the dilemma. This is a decision that had the influence of her daughter hence the people around her. However, considering the times had changed in that, women were rising up to go for degrees and the society had taken a leaner view on abortion, the society served a great role in the final decision. Considering she

            The last case is a typical case in the modern world. The fact that the girl is impregnated by a married professor who tells her off after paying her off shows how desperate she must have been even in these modern times. Her decision is thus influenced by the people around her in that her roommate later stands by her and supports her decision even after initially going against it. The rise in anti-abortion lobbyists also almost halts he plans but in the end it is the people around he that count most in the decision-making.

            To err is human and it takes our personal principles to put off negative influence from society and more importantly the people around and close to us.

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