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Science Fiction Fantasy Essay

Ethan Earle wakes up at in a room that he is sure is not his. He cannot recall the events that brought him to this room but it happens often for him. He is used to waking up in strange places and this could only mean one thing, there is a mission to be taken. He listens for any voices that might give him a clue but in vain. So to be sure, Ethan walks to the window to look out. He notice the architecture of the buildings is fine and that everyone seems to be in a hurry. He searches for clue and finally notices the Etcetera Theatre Club. This is enough for him to work out hid position and mission.

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            He produces his tracker and types the name of the theatre; the result is that he is in Camden Town in London. London? He wonders out aloud. This is familiar to him. It has taken him nine missions to reach this level. He knows London like the palm of his hand. This is his ultimate test since it will be his last in this string of missions. It will also be the uniting thing for all the nine he had under taken before.

            The mission is to penetrate the British library which is in Euston road in London. That is easy but then he has to find the “Syllar.” This is an ancient book that is meant to contain the final spell that will unite all the previous nine spells. Ethan has been doing all this missions for the last twenty years and this is his last and most important because if he fails in this mission, all the previous will be useless.

            As he walks out of the building, he goes unnoticed by the busy Londoners. It is misty outside and he notices the Headlines that read that there had been riots all over London and Manchester City. He would have loved to stop for a read but not today. He wonder whether this could be related to the mission but quickly remembered that as long as the world was concerned, he did not exist for he was special in his own ways.

According to his tracker, he can take the subway that will take just above five minutes. Ethan knows very well that had it been an emergency, He would have teleported from Bayham Street to Euston road but he decides to take the public transport. He alights at a place he has seen before. He is not sure whether it was in his mind or he had been at the Bloomsbury Theatre but for even the best superheroes had their weaknesses. His was particularly so because he was capable of growing old and had been in the game for quite some time.

             He meets people dressed in heavy coats and matching scarves. This section of town is not as misty as the first but he can tell that it is colder from the way people are dressed for he cannot feel cold nor pain. He passes a mother walking her twins to the bus stop and the children look at him astonished. As he walks away he is just in time to hear the mother explaining to them that I probably didn’t have a sweater and that is why I was dressed that lightly. It finally dwells on him that is why people have been giving him that look all the way. This does not bother him much and he sees the Library’s beautiful building as he turns onto Easton Road. Ethan dials his hi tech gadget that serves as a tracker too and briefs his arrival. “May I proceed with the Situation Ultimatum?” He speaks. He is given the go ahead and without wasting time; he walks into the big secure library.

            As he ascends the stare case, he is meanwhile receiving instructions from his seniors through the gadget that now fits in his right ear. They are giving him instructions and precautions to be taken. As it turns out, the Syllar is the most protected asset in this Library. Looking at the security at the entrance, He wonders how many more of this he has to encounter. He rests in the comfort of knowing that in his past, there was no room for error. He has previously penetrated The Petrie Museum of Egyptian archeology and accessed a vital clue for a previous mission. In fact, that is why he had the knowledge of this area, he remembers with a small smile.

            “Id please” the lady security officer asks and he produces the Id in his back pocket that he is a Mexican Scholar. He has no reason as to why it was necessary for him to be Mexican for this mission but the trick works. The security has actually been informed to expect his arrival and they usher him in through a VIP door. This is quite important, he remembers as he notices the trouble his masters have gone through to get him to the end of the mission. (Bearne,2000)

            He learns that he had an appointment that would see him use the Mexican archives for an hour. The masters communicate to him that the Syllar is to be found in the Vault next to this archives. Clever, he thinks. The problem is as it is explained, that e will have to be accompanied by 3 security men. Then as if reading his mind, the masters tell him that the book is close enough to the wall for him to get its contents without actually getting into the room. They explain that as the room metal-walled, he can use his gadget to send magnetic waves to the wall and thus enabling him to use his special power to see through magnetized metal.

            This has worked before but it means he will have to find a way to disable the security men without causing a scene. On this, he has to device a way of doing it and make sure.…..”Mr. Earle, we are here” the lady calls out in an almost shrill voice knocking out of his superhero world. The man at the door are well built and well armed too. He looks down the hall and realizes that that the vault is protected as he had been told. He has no worries about the heavy metal door, at least this time he will not have to melt it down. Once inside the Mexican archives, Ethan is shown the reference to the particular records he requires.

He looks around cautiously and notices the sophisticated security system installed. The place is filled with security cameras all round. Some even move with his motion. The wall to the North is his target wall and there are 5 cameras focused in that direction. The wall has a motion sensor along its base and thus one cannot try to break through without causing a scene. Ethan knows all too well that the moment of truth is here and as he picks out the relevant books, he looks at the lady officer sternly in the eyes. She catches his gaze and is caught in it. She can not change her gaze. Her eyes are stuck to his as he moves closer to her and continues focusing his strength onto her. The lady does not look scared at all; she is just under a spell and is helpless. Meanwhile as the officer gets weaker and weaker, Ethan is busy focusing waves from his hand that also disable the cameras and sensors. As the wall gets magnetized, the thin wall stars to crack making a sound that alerts the two officers outside and they come running in with their guns held at the ready………………..To be Continued.

            The fantasy in this essay is commonly referred to as science fiction or science fantasy. The essay has used a normal human being who cans teleport from one place to another in a flash. This all based on physics and time. He has a sophisticated gadget that serve’s all purposes for him. It is his tracker, watch, communication device and weapon. Ethan can focus large amounts of energy from this small device and this will help to make the wall transparent. The gadget can thus be used as his tool as well as his weapon.


            The fantasy is based on scientific principles (Burgin, 1986). It is a fantasy to have, say a mobile phone that can serve as the key, tracker, Id and all the items we carry. This fantasy is sometimes referred to be futuristic as they tend to the innovations of the future. The ability to move in time is seen to be achieved in the future. These fantasies tend to dramatize the wonders of technology in solving crime or other issues. 

They mix elements of fantasy that the scientists would want to strive to create but have not managed or will even never exist. They rarely have humor because the writer wants to create an illusion to reality or just a possibility.

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