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Samurai Essay Sample

Samurai is a term that was developed in the twelfth century, after Taika reforms in Japan. It was such a popular term in both lower and upper classes of warriors but generally, which was developed to refer to class of individual warriors with an outstanding expertise, who fought in favor of their masters. One interesting thing among them is the fact that, they strongly believed if they die on line of duty, rather than surrendering to defeat, they will be very much honored (Ravina, 23). Though it is very important for every male child to be a great warrior, I think one should put some limits in this when I imagine that, during this time, if a samurai did not measure up to required standards by their masters, the only way out was to conduct a holy ritual of suicide.

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The Samurai have come along way. The very first time this group was formed they used to fight on foot or use horses with bows as their defense tools. Coming to think of it, you will agree with me that, it must have been very cumbersome exercise carrying bows in the battle fields. As time went on, they graduated from the rank of bows to that of carrying swords. History holds that, Samurai is one group of warriors who honor swords very much and for that matter, they are well known for their unique character of using two swords, one long and the other short. Each sword here has got it purpose. One used for hacking and the other piercing (Friday, 22).

Back ground of Samurai formation.

The formation of Samurai, also known as Bushi was aimed at providing wealth security to the feudal lords. The rules were very simple with no bargain option, which held that, each samurai was to be loyal to his landlord. Most of these warriors were either relatives or deeply depended on their masters. The samurai became powerful after famous Hein Dynasty proved to be incompetent to control the rural areas of Japan. Meaning that, it could only control the capital city. This saw the Samurai rise swiftly and replace the Hein in the vacant position.

The main theme of this paper is to make the reader understand that, from the analysis of the Samurai history, success does not call for globalization only, but also some incorporation of ancient teachings, as it gives business People hints on how they can be successful in their businesses. So many people who have mastered the Samurai principles need not to worry about learning the latest managerial theories as ancient leadership methods have proven to be very essential in moving today’s world business activities.

Leadership is very important element in every organization, as it helps in foreseeing the management .One way through which Samurai was successful is through having good leadership skills (Blomberq, 14). It is very interesting to see the way in which warrior ship system was integrated into leadership system. One key factor that contributed to this is the issue of obedience and excellence training they were being offered by their leaders. The Samurai sought success by first understanding their needs and that of their society, a factor that enabled them to know the kind of strategy and tactics they will apply. This is very important teaching because it helps us in the business world to analyze the growth of the business, and come up with best strategy since you can know numerous times the business strategies applied in past fallen due to poor execution. 

Through the leadership qualities of Samurai, we can say that, many people today have been able to adopt principles and examples which in turn are integrated into learning materials. This is such a wonderful thing for it enables creativity and confidence buildup. A good example can be said to be Japanese business system, which allows the employees to spend adequate time in different department so as to enable them get better understanding of the business(Friday,40).

Samurai involvement in Religious Movements

One of the most memorable moments in the History of the Samurai and their involvement in the religious movement is that of June 2008, where Sarah Palin shocked many people by cutting down her state schedule state business and indeed flew from Juneau to Mat-suValley to attend religious events organized by the Wasilla Assembly of God. It was during the event when some young males were given Samurai swords. The Samurai always believed that, if the sword ceremony is conducted in the church, then God’s favor is always going to be on their side and that, they can always be assured of victory if they go into fight with their enemies. Governor Palin assures the gathering of this belief when she says that, she has managed to be who she is due to the teachings she has attained from that church.

Another reason as to why the Samurai got involved into religious ceremony is clearly noticed when Mary Glazier in her speech at the “opening of the gate of Heaven on earth crusade” says that, God’s plan is to displace the leaders who are sinful and replace them with the church. This means that, for the Samurai to be successful warriors they had to get involved in the church activities (Ravina, 56).

Another interesting discovery is that of the Shingaku.This was a religious group in Japan, back in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. This group is said to have had a very high influence on capitalism development as well as high power to make business a more appeasing sector for the Japanese.

However, it is very important to note that, Samurai involvement with religious movement came as a result of introduction of early Christian churches. These churches are said to have been very friendly to the women, who after becoming Christians later on converted their husbands, and as we saw earlier on in our discussion, the samurai were mostly the people who needed financial support very much, and these churches were so willing to care for the less fortune in the society.

It is very impressive to notice that, Samurai leaders were such brilliant people. I personally like the fact that, they used religious movements so as to develop good relationship with the people. A factor that worked to their advantage as they never posed a threat to the security of the people. This was very different from many other cult organizations, which during that time used to terrorize the people in the society (Friday, 70).

We always believe that, there is a supreme power that controls and guards us in our daily activities and that, we should always honor it and adhere to its teaching. The same case also applied to the Samurai. They always believed that, there was a supernatural power that was guiding them in their lives and the only way to respect it is by getting involved in the religious movements and as a matter of fact, when the sprits are happy, they will give them anything they ask for in prayers (Blomberq, 38).

So many historians and political scientists in the eighteenth century were very amused by the samurai involvement in the religious movements, only for them to come and realize that, the Samurai leaders strongly believed that, marital competence was only attainable through application of unique strategies which were only made available by some religion groups. This resulted as the foundation of holy war and other strategies based on beliefs and spiritual ideologies.

The biggest fear of any political leader is to be voted out by a smarter leader, and as a result his popularity among the supporters diminishes. This was one of the major reasons as to why the Samurai leaders opted to join religious movements, for fear of revolution that could have been caused by the upcoming movements (Ravina, 58).


In conclusion we can say that, the history of the Samurai has contributed too much towards the development of commerce industry in Japan. Today Japan is one of the biggest producers of automobile thanks to the Samurai ancient teachings. After clearly reading the rich history of the Samurai, so many of us get to learn that, religion is very significant in shaping the success of an individual, and that it calls for God’s intervention to attain what we desire in our lives.  

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