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Missum Management Information System Essay


Missum management information system is a software package that helps users in searching information from the internet. Missum tends to provide users with more specialized needs while they are searching for data on the internet. In this case, users are required to create an account that they will be using to search their data. When using this account, missum will learn the characteristics of the user based on the topics he/she is searching and the articles that he/she is selecting. Therefore, the more a person uses missum, the more he/she will get personalized data because the system has much information to predict.

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Missum features are distinct from the other competitors. First, missum does not have advertisements that tend to be a distraction to the user. Secondly, missum eliminates non credible articles, and it has an option to save data for users. Finally, missum provides users with a more personalized search. It does this by mimicking what the users have been using over a period. However, missum is a new product in the market. Therefore, it faces many challenges from competitors and critics. For this reason, the paper analysis missum business opportunities through competitors and critics evaluation to come up with an opinion.


Competitor Analysis

The main competitors for missum are Google and Yahoo News Digest. The two competitors have certain strengths that pose a great challenge for missum. First, Google and Yahoo News Digest are highly reputable. Secondly, the two search engines are more recognized by the users. It is due to their long time use in the market with excellent results for users. The two search engines have a large venture capital. For this reason, they can comfortably implement their strategies to promote and improve the efficiency of the software. Moreover, the availability of venture capital has led to the hiring of a strong management team.

However, the two search engines face certain weakness. First, the criteria they use to provide information for their users is not efficient. Secondly, the two do not provide users with functions that suit their personalized needs. Thirdly, they do not filter non credible articles. For instance, they do not save articles or learn user information habits to provide more specific search. Therefore, this weakness provides missum with a gap to fill. The users will switch to missum because they have the ability to save data and have a more personalized search. Moreover, missum will save users from accessing non credible information.

Opposing Views

Currently, missum is under much criticism where users have opposing views. In this case, they state that missum has the tendency of repeating the same article in different search. For example, a user may search articles relating to news about strategic human resource using missum. Missum may provide an article by Pulse relating to the topic. In another search about global sourcing, the article may be repeated. The article may continue appear in other searches. It creates redundancy to the users searching for new information. As a result, it does not provide users with a variety of articles.

Another opposing view is that missum’s selective criteria leave users oblivious of other information that could otherwise have been valuable to them. Therefore, they argue that it is not different from the other search engines. On the other hand, the critics should be patient because missum is a new product and has room for implementation. Moreover, missum helps users save data thus saving time. Additionally, missum promotes credibility and at the same time it reduces bulkiness of information. It is due to its ability to select irrelevant articles and non credible sources. For this reason, they should give missum a chance since it has significant advantages.

Corporate and Academic Use

In a corporate environment, missum can be used as a decision support system. Decision support system can be described as systems that package data in a readable manner that makes it easier for users to make decisions. Therefore, missum functions of saving data, eliminating irrelevant and non credible information, helps managers in decision making. Managers can save useful and credible information to use for future references. Moreover, managers can save time since missum reduces bulkiness of information. The corporate environment experiences certain benefits when they use missum. In this case, missum helps managers to save time because it reduces bulkiness. As a result, it is cost effective, and it promotes efficiency in the work place.

In the academic arena, missum can be a valuable tool for students. Similar to the corporate environment, missum provides student with almost similar benefits. When a student uses missum, he/she can save valuable data for future reference. For this reason, the student will not have to waste time searching again. In addition, missum saves time for student since it reduces bulk, and it eliminates non credible sources. Therefore, missum promotes credibility in studies and at the same time, it reduces unnecessary workload for students.


In order to monetize missum for the corporate and academic users, developers should create to distinct product to suit the needs of the two users. The first product line for corporate users, the developers should create a high quality product that create value and cater for the needs of the users. It is because the corporate environment requires high quality products with a professional touch. The second product line for students, missum should create a product that is simple and easy to follow for students. In this product line, they can add other features like music to attract the student. It is because reading can be boring and stressful.

In this case, the first product line the managers should apply the price skimming strategy. The corporate world requires a product that is of high value and it is reputable. Therefore, the application of price skimming tends to create value and reputation in the product. As a result, it is will attract corporate users. In the second product line, managers should use price penetration strategies. In this situation, missum should value in accordance with the cost of production and cheaper than their competitors. It is because students or individual users are not willing and able to purchase expensive products.

User Interface

Missum has a friend user interface because of the different colors in comparison to their competitors who have only one color such as Google. Secondly, the pictures in missum make it more exciting to use. Moreover, the pictures add emphasis to the information provided in missum. On the other hand, the competitors do not have these pictures. For this reason, they are not appealing to the users. Missum user interface does not contain any advertisements making less crowded, and it does not distract. In other competitors interfaces such as Yahoo News Digest News Digest contain too many advertisements making it crowded and distracting. As a result, it is not appealing to the users.

The questionnaires for missum highlight almost every issue about missum management information system in comparison to the competitors. In answering the questionnaire, a person gets a basis of comparison with other competitors. For example, a person can whether the usage of missum is better and more beneficial than competitors. On the other hand, the questionnaire acts as a tool for collecting data. The information can help developers in the implementation of missum. Finally, these questionnaires promote customer service. However, they are too long and time consuming for the users.


I think missum is an innovative product because it offers users with originality in comparison to the other existing products. It can save data, and it has the human ability of predicting what the user wants based on the experiences with the user. For example, a political science student using missum will only get relevant credible articles in his/her are of study.

Moreover, he/she can save the articles that he/she needs. When using other search engines, he/she will neither save data nor will he/she receive credible sources that are only relevant to his/her area of study.

However, I believe missum needs more implementation to make the innovation more efficient. In this case, the developers should modify missum selective criteria of learning the user history use of missum. The developers should categorize the user historical search with various topics.

Additionally, developers should create these categories at the beginning where users can start when searching information. This is because the user has a variety of topics making him/her be unpredictable. Secondly, the developers should add an exciting feature that is appealing to the users. For instance, they can music feature where the user can personalize his/her music.

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