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Essay on Global Warming

Global warming or rather an increase in the overall temperature on the earth’s surface and the ocean that began in the mid 20th century has continued to be an issue of debate on the global scene. Environmentalists, socialists, politicians, economists, scientists, engineers, etc have converged in different conferences and forums to deliberate on the causes of global warming, its effects and how it can be reversed in the modern world. In reference to Revkin, global warming is the most complicated issue that the world leaders face across the globe. Despite their never ending deliberations, there are different arguments that have emerged in regard to this issue, with even those who have been trusted as the most reliable persons in the endeavor by the global society to reduce or slow down the effects of global warming, finding themselves at a place where they cannot present incredible information to the public in regard to global warming and how it can be reversed. One of the most common arguments that have been presented by both side of the great divide on causes of global warming is the place of human activities in the whole issue. However, whereas there are different scientific research activities that have been conducted in regard to global warming, there are doubts as to whether research findings and result of this research should be trusted. There are two schools of thought in the scientific world that have emerged in the recent past that have carried out research and emerged with totally different information in regard to the actual cause of global warming. To begin with, one school of thought argues that global warming is caused by human factors. The increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has contributed greatly to global warming. This is based on research that has been carried out by scientists who argue that carbon dioxide acts as blanket that prevents the release of warmth into the atmosphere thus causing temperatures near the surface of the earth to increase. The emission of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere has been attributed to human activities such as oil drilling, mining of minerals such as coal, industry emission and other forms of emissions that have been identified in the environment. As a result of this, there are numerous scientific researches that have been carried out by different scientific bodies to ascertain the truth that human beings are the major cause of global warming. These researches have emerged with varying results that have in the process confused the global society even more. Steve Milloy is one of the individual that have argued against the fact that human beings are the cause of catastrophic climate change through his website junkscience.com and offers $125,000 as a reward to any person that can prove this to be true. Whereas research that has been carried out in the past reveals that climate change especially in regard to global warming points at human beings and their activities as the major cause of this climate change, arguments that have often been presented by skeptic individuals such as Milloy and others of his kind in the society undermines the overall work especially in research that have been carried out by scientists for many decades. On the other hand, the reward that is offered by Milloy to any scientist who can ascertain the truth in the fact that human beings are the cause of climate change and in this regard global warming leaves a lot of questions than answers. Can the modern society rely on data and research that has been carried out by scientists and the results that have been presented to be the truth in regard to the main cause of climate change and especially global warming? There are also controversies on the relationship of environmental studies and industries whose work has been associated with carbon dioxide emissions as one of their outputs. One of the nagging questions that the global society pose to the scientific world is how their research is supported by multinational or rather multibillion organization that have been tainted as the major contributors of gaseous emissions into the environment and yet be accurate in its findings on who is the really cause of climate change or rather global warming. It is in the interest of these corporations and organization to continue operating as this would guarantee that they are able to manufacture more and thus their businesses and other activities would not be brought to a halt. However, it is surprising that these corporations and organizations have been on the forefront in supporting major scientific work on climate change and other climatic issues. How can it be ascertained that the data that is obtained by these scientists is not altered to fit the environment of these corporations and organizations? It must be understood that their major aim of carrying out such research is not to determine the causes of global warming and how it can be reversed but their research majors on the ways in which their activities can be justified. In an articles that appeared in the New York Times in November 2009, the authenticity of various researches that links human beings and global warming continue to raise waves of doubt across the globe. It is difficult to ascertain whether there are no variation or rather alterations that have been done on the data that has been obtained by scientists, first to satisfy the requirements of multibillion industries and also as a way of fighting the skeptics who have argued against research that has been carried out by scientists and as a result caused a lot of confusion in the society in regard to global warming issues. This has been made worse in the recent times in the sense that skeptics have continued to affirm that scientific research has always overstated their arguments that human beings are have a devastating effect on the overall environment. There are extreme whether patterns that have been experienced in the recent past. Scientists have predicted that this is the beginning of the adverse effects of global warming on the global front. However, skeptics argue that the recent rains and storms in New England cannot in any way be used as an exact or rather perfect measure of the effects of global warming across the globe. One of the skeptics dismissed the scientific arguments that the recent storms are a clear indication that global warming is now takings its effects on the environment. He claimed that such storms cannot be used as sufficient data in any way to depict global warming. In fact, skeptics argue that the globe is becoming even cooler than it was expected.

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On the other hand, the issues of global warming cannot be ignored. In line with the arguments that have been raised by global warming skeptics, it is important for the global society to understand that global warming is an issue that needs to be put into consideration by the whole society lest it is caught unaware by global warming effects. This brings the environmentalists into the whole picture. They have continued to propose that the industrial society should work on different way of reducing carbon dioxide release into the environment. Despite the fact that they cannot be 100% sincere and correct in their claims, the fact remains global warming is happening. There are serious evidences that some parts across the globe have been affected greatly. How can the drastic and disastrous changes in the current global environment be accounted for? There have been warnings by the Climate Change Advisory Panel to cities such as New York to prepare themselves for the coming challenges that arise from climate change. These warnings were issued out by the Advisory Panel in February 2009 in what was claimed to be a conclusive analysis on climate patterns and a projection of what is expected in the future. Among the predictions were increased rainfall and floods along the coastal lines. One year down the line, there have been reports of heavy rains and storms that had been experienced in several parts of the United States. Could this be said to be an accurate prediction of what was to come due to global warming? Can it be attributed to human activities? These are some of the questions that have gone unanswered across the globe. If it is true that global warming has been caused by human beings, then the world is in great danger since there are no changes that are expected to be made in the near future in regard to reduction of carbon dioxide emissions into the environment. In reality, there is an increased dependency on carbon dioxide emitting fuels such as oil across the globe. The United States itself, which has been on the forefront in championing for reduction of carbon dioxide emissions into the environment and has carried out extensive research on the effects of human activities on the environment as the major cause of global warming has in the recent past authorized oil drilling along its shores. There are also speculations and reports that more countries in the Middle East or Asia have been hoarding or buying oil in large quantities in preparation for the future. Thus, despite the scientific reports that are available, there is either a total ignorance of these reports or there is something hidden that the politicians and the scientists are not willing to reveal to the global community. No one can understand how oil, as one of the biggest carbon oxide emitter continues to be treasured across the world while it has devastating effect on the environment despites its place in economic development. Therefore, it can be reiterated that if there is something that scientists and politicians know about human activities and global warming that they are not willing to reveal to the public, then the skeptic scientists who have dismissed human contribution as the major cause of global warming have been correct all along and therefore they ought to be believed. This then would dismiss the science behind global warming as junk science that ought not to be focused on by the global society as the truth in regard to availing of information on the real causes of global warming. Thus, these reports would be termed as mere propaganda and manufactured information that are meant to instill fear in the global society and thus restrict the accomplishment of certain activities. However, if reports by scientists are true and thus have been ignored by governments and the global community at large, then human activities will continue to impact the environment negatively and thus the need for them to be checked before global warming gets out of hand.

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