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Desalination of Fresh Water in UAE

Water demand problems and consequences, which can follow them, represent one of the most arguable questions, especially for countries, which lack this type of resource. To overcome the issue of water supply, a number of countries (Asian and African, in particular) have come up with using such a process, which is generally called desalination of water. It is necessary to mention that desalination of seawater had received a dual reaction from the specialists. On the one hand, the scholars claim that desalination serves as one of the most important ways to obtain water and supply the lacking regions with high quality water which can be drunk. On the other hand, however, the very process of desalination requires much energy. In other words, to desalinate a certain amount of water and turn it to a product which is ready to be consumed, the producers have to spend a great number of fossils. As a consequence, it is necessary to weigh what is more important: to desalinate water regardless how much fuel is supposed to be spent and supply the regions with the necessary amount of water, or, on the contrary, stop this process due to the reason of its energy wasting ability.

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The UAE being a prosperous country once faced the issue of lack water. Having regarded the geographical position of the country, they developed the method, which appeared to have a plenty of advantages. Desalination and its MSF desalination method, are called to be one of the most progressive ones in supplying the regions which lack water. Therefore, the discussion around desalination and its impact, advantages and drawbacks has appeared to be very sharp and vital. The results of the main arguments expressed by the various scientists are regarded in this essay.


A number of researches have been conducted in order to find out the ways how to supply the above mentioned regions with the necessary amount of water in both domestic and industrial aims. Consequently, Saif has a conviction that the invention of desalination of fresh water has contributed a lot to the water problems solution. He believes that the consequence of lack of water could be much worse than the measures and resources spent to desalinate water. Among such consequences and drawbacks, the author singles out such issues as economic crisis, health care decline and appearing of new diseases which would be caused by the lack of hygiene. In other words, the problems which had been solved due to the enough water supply compensated the energy and resources used.

Having studied the process of water desalination, Wagner came up with conclusion that this process possesses a plenty of advantages, which do have to contribute to the water supply problem solution. As a consequence, he claims that the result of water desalination is fresh water and salt. In other words, using water for desalination leads to, on the one hand, achieving water which can be used in domestic and industrial purposes; while, on the other hand, it contributes to salt producing. The last aspect is of a great importance, since salt is one of the best resources for obtaining energy. As a result, during desalination, it is possible to receive both water and salt.

In addition to the advantages of water desalination singled out by Wagner presuppose that there is another advantage which is called to play an important role. In other words, producing desalinated water along with achieving salt as a fuel, the plants use the very process to obtain additional amounts of energy. In addition to this, the authors regard precisely a method which is generally called Multi Stage Flash (frequently abbreviated to MSF) desalination. They are totally convinced that this innovative approach contributed to a great extend to the water supply problem solution in domestic and industrial purposes. Furthermore, the positive results show that this method is extremely important to be applied and implied in the process. They are convinced that its advantages along with the positive aim’s achievement are able to change and improve the situation of lack of water.

On the contrary, such a method of water receiving process can be referred to as a destructive one. The author has a conviction that it is better to work on the newer approaches to solving the problem of water supply than wasting such an amount of energy. The author also is convinced that from the point of view of economics this process is not proved as a successful one, and it is worth of reviewing it. Additionally, water supply problem is too spread by media space, so there is no necessity to pay such much attention. The author, furthermore, understands that nowadays, in the twenty-first century it seems possible to invent the new ways of water supply, and desalination can be pushed to the past and be forgotten. In any case, the author does not propose a newer, more wasting method, this is why this argument is not exactly possible to regarded as the decisive.  

Therefore, the arguments which stand for the water desalination process are numerous and based on the real facts which are not easy to destroy. One of the most decisive ones consists in the assumption that desalination of water is called to fix the problem of water supply in the regions such as UAE. Along with this, this process contributes to the environment challenges and issue overcoming.

To sum up, the water desalination process is one of the vital ones, which is currently contributing to the water supply problem in the UAE. Having elaborated a strong and firm structure of the process, the UAE are currently the second in the world country, which desalinates water. This outcome brings a number of advantages. On the one hand, the country is supplied with the necessary amount of water, which can be used in both domestic and industrial purposes. On the other hand, the UAE contributes to the solution of a variety of environmental problems by applying desalination. As a result, the positive outcomes contribute to the United Emirates’ economy’ growth and determines the further directions for the development, since there is a constant access to water which is possible to use and there is a certainty that this state of affaires will keep on.

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