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Becoming An Authentic Professional Essay


Bolton (2010) underlines various matters that portray reflective practices of a graduate who seeks employment from others. Use of the Bolton “Reflective practice” is often referred to as the “through-the mirror” inscription. It will continue reflecting on life on a more regular basis soon after work life is submitted to the continuous assessment test. This includes parts such as the autobiography part of the work. The theoretical perspective will enable me to express my aspirations in a more comprehensive way so that I can always be in touch with them as this is one of the best paths towards self-actualization. I am an enthusiastic and curious scholar who portends to have a strong desire of becoming a competent marketer.

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My “Graduateness” in Job Market

I have always aspired to become a professional marketer. I am inquisitive and always ready to venture into the unlimited marketing industry of endless opportunities. My intentions as a professional marketer would be geared towards improving my skills through incorporating theory I have learnt in class and the additional experience in the actual field of work. This will not only benefit me but also the larger society which form a part of my success. I intend to use various skills I learnt in college. I am still fresh from college and find myself worth undertaking a marketing position in one of the leading companies in the United Kingdom. There are many educational skills that I have learnt in my education and what is remaining is for me to put them into practise. Having graduated makes me a creative scholar with little or no experience at all in the working environment. I find it significant in the range of application and tools that will help strengthen my further learning and that of others. Apart from theoretical learning, I am just curious of becoming highly competitive marketing personnel in any competitive industry. I anticipate finding a more competitive market in terms of labour where I will demonstrate my marketing prowess. I expect the labour market that is extremely hard to predict as it is in today’s world.

There has been an influx on the number of graduates who have completed their studies in various colleges, paving way for a more stiff competition in the job market. I am fully aware of this situation.

Bolton states that education can help someone develop ideologically and in terms of knowledge. The book accentuates on various skills that one learns in schools that helps him gain a positive reflections towards personal development on various international perspectives (Bolton 2008). I intend to optimize on the theme of this book in my efforts of trying to prove my competitiveness in the market. As such, I intend to optimize on theoretical skills that I learnt back in the University in order to remain competitive in the job market. Reflective practices will be highly critical to me so that I can realize the dream as one of the renowned marketers in the United Kingdom. Probably, I may have learnt while in the University about various adversities that surrounds the UK economy due to market uncertainties. As a matter of fact, job vacancies that were traditionally reserved for fresh graduates have been declining steadily. However, I am confident of overcoming all these hindrances by demonstrating my competence in marketing such as efficiency and optimal use of electronic media resources. Moreover, I intend to become more enterprising as I have learnt that jobs that were traditionally meant for graduates in large firms are arduous to come by. I still believe that the SMEs, “Small and medium-size enterprises or companies” still offer greater and vast opportunities for me.

I am optimistic that the amount of creativity that I have acquired over years in school will help me portray my theoretical experience to potential employers. For that reason, I am considering myself a more refined occupation material that is ready to take up role for higher ranking not only in SMEs but also in big companies. I consider myself a potential person who is efficient enough to transform the marketing sector of any company in the country. Consequently, I anticipate for higher chances of being absorbed immediately by one of the big firms as a marketing manager.

Fook reiterates that university learners’ gains various experiences that help them become competitive in the workplace (Fook 2010). Therefore, I intend to incorporate Fook’s idea in my efforts of proving how various university teaching and practices helps in moulding a person’s life soon after he graduates. I intend to use various collaborative learning experiences that I gained in class which will in turn help demonstrate various attributes of my graduateness. Later on I will develop a strategy that will help me realize authentic professionalism in the marketing sector.

The type of professional I aspire to become

My dream is to become a professional marketer in the near future. Acquiring such a position proves to be quite arduous but this fact does not make me give up yet. I know that over years I have gained huge base of theoretical knowledge that can help boost my ambition of becoming a marketer in one of the leading companies in the region. According to Cunliffe (2002) various pedagogy principles that one learns in the class can help him gain better management practices. I find the idea of Cunliffe highly applicable in my situation. First of all, I intend to put into practice some of the marketing pedagogy that I learnt in class and practiced as a way of demonstrating my expertise in marketing. Nevertheless, setting up my goals straight on becoming a renowned marketer in the future was not easy as it required a lot of commitment. Indulging a person into professionalism in his early years of education will help him be easily compatible at the workplace (Lindon 2010). Therefore, I had to train myself enough to practice professionalism in order to have an easy time when it comes to the real working life. I had to indulge professionalism in advance in order to meet the “Early Years Foundation System” requirements. I deemed a number of reflective practices critical in the development of my marketing career.

Marketing is a field that requires a lot of keenness such as good customer relationship and etiquette. These are some of the practices I anchored on when I was undertaking my course. I viewed them as the main pillars in marketing. They helped boost my confidence in becoming conversant in various marketing skills and I have been able to continuously improve on them. Dynamics of reflective practices also offered a better platform for me to continue developing my marketing skills that could be put into practices in the future. I knew right from the start in order to develop as a renowned marketing professional, one required the use of intensive constructive marketing practices. At least I was able to develop better skills that could enable me grow into a better marketing tool in the future. Therefore, I had also to observe good ethical practices that could enable me deliver the best practices to various potential customers in the job market.

I have had chances of attending various events that can help in improving marketing capability of an individual on various angles. I maximized on such opportunities through becoming an extremely active member in various students exchange programs. Such programs entailed bringing together various marketing students across the globe in one podium. Theirs was to highlight issues that continued to ail the field of marketing globally. This expounded my mind such that I was able to understand how one can apply remedies into marketing of a product in any firm or business global. This was a significant platform that I used to practise solving challenges concerning the marketing field. In the end, I was able to develop my marketing skills that helped to put me at an advantaged edge. I learnt various international as well as regional marketing skills. This helped me move a step closer into becoming a professional marketer as it was initially my dream since I was a young person.

My Personal As Well As My Professional Development

I have passed through various stages in life that have seen me develop from a singled un-informed individual to a highly complicated individual with knowledge base that can be applied in multifaceted ways. Reflecting back, I was illiterate before I joined schools. Even before I was born, I was in a clean state of mind, ‘tabula rasa’. However, the level of illiteracy began to shrink right from the time I started schooling in that my technical know-how level began to increase. First it was nursery, then in the rudimentary education where I learnt basic concepts of education. I must admit that I had a solid time in conceptualizing everything I learnt. Nonetheless, I managed to come out with some basics that at least transformed me into someone who had basic concepts that I deemed critical in life. I managed to join high school where I underwent life transformational period. High school is quite critical in the development of the human ethics. Overall, high school education can be accompanied with incorporation of human secularism concept, a phenomenon that is quite vital for his relationship with others (Hunt 2013). For that reason, I want to utilize the idea that I learnt in High school, human secularism being one of them, in my future marketing career.

High school was my underpinning stage for all my ethical learning perspectives. It is here that I gained a lot of experience on the proper ways of being responsible in solving matters as well as having the capability to identify risks. Basically, I learnt a wide range of various life changing skills that helped me become a better and an equipped person in times of adversities. Soon after I completed my high school education, I went for further education in the University. I chose a marketing course because I wanted to become a competent marketer since I was young. Here, I gained various graduate attributes which proved to be of great assistance in the future. During the marketing course, I gained knowledge that helped me become capable of disseminating various knowledge-based activities.

During the training, I gained capability of disseminating knowledge in various leading marketing edges. Furthermore, the marketing course helped me gained essential inquiring skills where I learnt to pursue various crucial questions. Marketing requires various customer care principles and practices that help to boost customer image. One has to note that he is dealing with different people who have different tastes and preferences.

Moreover, university acted as a podium where people could interact with students from other universities. This was realized through various business forums where various marketing ideas were exchanged, thus, offering a better chance for one to learn. These forums raised my creativity level in terms of offering various marketing problem solving skills.

It is worth noting that transformative graduateness to authentic professionalism in marketing requires reflective writing. Enterprising is a theme that is at the epicentre of any marketing course. Accordingly, I had no other choice rather than to grasp various ways in the effort of demonstrating my capability in becoming a skilled enterprising person which was one of the marketing attributes that I really needed to acquire.

The marketing course expects one to uphold the highest ethical standards as much as possible. Ethics referred to ones capability to spot risks and then later on act responsibly in devising mechanism of eliminating them. I view ethics in any business as extremely crucial especially in the contemporary world where there are a lot of risks involved. I am also proud to say that I graduated a more knowledgeable student who could have the capability to have a wide outlook globally. There were various interactive sessions in the university. I attended a number of these exchange forums.

While in these forums, I gained a lot of experience concerning the international marketing. Each student shared crucial information concerning the nature of marketing of the region they represented.

Therefore, I got a chance to expound my mind and think internationally.

Owing to this garnered information, I believe that I have what it takes to become a good marketer. The attributes that I have gained so far in the University acts as enough evidence that I can be a professional marketer in the field. The wide base of marketing knowledge I have gained over years is enough for me offer amicable solutions to various marketing hitches that occur along the way. The only thing that I have not gained so far is the working experience.

My graduate attributes

I learnt various life as well as career development aspects in my school life while in the University. I believed that capacity building helped to position me at a better place in terms of acquiring a job in the highly competitive marketing field. Roffey-Batentsen (2009) highlights that education acts as a reflection upon which a person can develop his practices. Hence, based Roffey-Batentsen idea of education, I was highly determined to become a competent marketer. Therefore, I had to apply various reflections of education that I learnt for my future marketing career development. I could identify various potentials attributes that could enhance my growth of my career, thus, enabling me develop professionally in my career. I also made sure that I used efficiently various strategies that the Roffey advocated for such s the “reflection-in-action” as well as “reflection-on-action.” This fact has enabled me enhance my marketing skills hence making me become a better equipped person in any marketing activity. I was highly keen in following various attributes that seem critical for the development of marketing capability.

It was during my University life that I was able to apply my edge knowledge. I could make sure that I practiced the theoretical part that I learnt in class and later apply it practically mostly within the school premises. I was capable of discharging some of the skills that I had learnt owing to the fact that the education institution offered a chance for marketing students to market their schools. This helped me to acquire the capability of pursuing various questions that were deemed vital for the development of a marketing system. This inquiring capability helps to boost my confidence. Moreover, the process helps to transform from the once dormant person into a creative one.

Due to the wide exposure as a result of participating in various events that related to marketing, my capability level to offer feasible solution raised. This signified an increase in my creativity level as this is one of the crucial requirement of any serious marketer. In addition, I had to be enterprising. I developed various strategies that enabled creation of various opportunities that could be used to market the University. This helped to boost the image of the campus since the marketing work was designed by a team of experts from our class. This helped to boost more morale into becoming a knowledgeable marketer once I completed my education. Marketing course requires consistent creativity to develop new strategies while still being ethically upright.

At least I was able to identify various risks that were present. Soon after identifying them, I took the responsibility of devising ways in which they could be mitigated. One has to get clear that investment options in businesses are often accompanied with a lot of risks. So, our group took every opportunity whenever there was an investment being made by our University to study various risks that appeared feasible. We could then assume the role of controlling these risks in advance. I was in the panel that acted as an adviser to the university’s management board. Another attribute that makes me feel that I am the most suitable and suited to take any marketing management position in a big company in the United Kingdom is that I was able to have a global outlook appearance. Marketing students were able to fuse with students from diverse regions of the globe. This offered marketing students with a good opportunity to expand their knowledge on various international information concerning market conditions.

University students across the world came to our institution for a marketing exchange program. Conversely, our marketing department used to encourage on the need to know the global marketing system. Therefore, I had the opportunity to travel and meet with prominent marketing managers from big and established international companies. Such exposures boost my thinking capability and have made me start thinking like an international marketer of a company’s product. There was also teaching on various strategies that can help increase market share of a company’s product. I learnt that factors that influence the level of market share of a company varies with the location of a company. This has helped to boost my status in terms of being capable to have an international appealing image. I believe that I can fit well in the marketing position in any branch of an international company. However, use of metaphor can help to summarize the whole professional discourse. It helps to demonstrate how “initiative” knowledge can be turned into professionalism. Hunt (2006) says that the use of metaphors acts a passage in which knowledge based education is passed into practical in a professionalism way. Therefore, I capitalized on Hunt’s ideas in fight of trying to prove that my education experience was enough prove that I could undertake marketing professionalism confidently.

Personal Development Plan

I have strategized on some ways through which I can improve my current attributes as a graduate in order to conform to the requirements of the job market. It will be quite significant to have a “personal development plan.” The development plan on a personal level is significant for full professionalism upon reaching the working age (Bradbury et al 2010). I intend to capitalize on this idea in my efforts of cultivating for the full realization of marketing professionalism. The good personal plan will help me to realize the authenticity in my marketing professionalism within the shortest time possible. This strategy can assist to create a more appealing image that can help hasten my process of being employed as a marketing manager. Creation of this plan means that I must improve my current attributes as a graduate to more comprehensive ones. This is because these attributes must conform to the requirement of company’s marketing system.

First of all, I must enhance my capability in handling more inclusive role. In simple terms, I have to be pellucid and this calls for the intensive use of technology. These include use of software platform that will help to monitor knowledge of consumers in the market today. The contemporary businesses are moving into the digital world hence the need to embrace fully digital ways of assessing the market situation. Today’s marketers need to realize that consumers enjoy a variety of the same product. Therefore, there is need to use updated technology in order to win a large share. Therefore, I intend to improve on my capability in delivering desired end results through creation of such a techno-based marketing strategy.

Capability to inquire is another factor that I intend to improve if at all I want to become a resourceful marketing manager in the big companies. Here, I intend to create a database that will cater for the most frequently inquired question concerning marketing. I will also proceed to create a blog where I can post some of the questions I find difficult. This will create space for many viewers to give their varied opinions on various aspects of marketing. Consequently, the move will help to create a more a wide range of answers to the most critical questions, as a consequence, creating a more comprehensive and detailed answer. I anticipate this to be a perfect way through which answers to critical questions can be derived. Moreover, I intend to use the same social media method to give my contribution to a company’s marketing difficulties. In this case, I intend to be updated with sufficient information of the major company within the United Kingdom. I will be following their activities closely on their official social media pages. This will act as a constructive move in the efforts of creating a good curriculum vitae profile when I’m seeking for employment. I believe that critical reflection will help me realize an authentic professionalism faster. From another insightful perspective, I intend to increase my enterprising capability.

I will view small and medium sized companies as another avenue that can create job opportunities. In the UK, the small and medium sized businesses have of late acted as another avenue in which graduates can get employment. Therefore, I will divert some of my efforts towards depicting small and medium sized businesses as another viable employment opportunity. The ability of risk identification and then assuming the responsibility of mitigating them is another strategy that I intend to improve. I intend to be well conversant with the kind of environment that the various businesses in the United Kingdom persevere through.

Thereafter, I will come up with appropriate remedies that will help solve these prevalent problems. I will try to propose these changes through agitation in their social media pages. Frequent visiting and commenting and visiting of their social media pages will help to create a rapport in which I can cling on when I will seeking for work. This will help to win their trust and confidence since I will be deemed as one of their own whose sole interest is to adopt the noble course towards enhancing the company’s productivity.

I also intend to draw more close analysis of the local companies’ efficiency in production with those from overseas. In the recent past, UK’s companies have faced stiff competition from those ones of the emerging economy such as the Chinese companies. Therefore, I intend to dedicate most of my time in studying such different companies operations and their marketing strategies. Thereafter, I will draw a comparative analysis between the two sides. Appropriate remedies that can help to boost the image of UK companies will be delivered. Nonetheless, I intend to accentuate to the need to use of social media as the most appropriate way of advertisement. The world is now regarded as a global village and as such companies in the United Kingdom should strive to retain or increase their products’ market share. Succinct as well as insightful reflection practices of students help them to adopt better in social life when it comes to working (Thompson 2008). Thus, I must be good at creating good information system that will help depict various reflective practices in order to develop my marketing prowess. Therefore, I intend to prove that optimal use of social media as the most appropriate way of creating a better image of UK companies internationally. Use of social media as a marketing tool is must for company in today’s companies. Social media application in marketing will helps to win customers’ confidence and trust as well as increasing their base (Kabani 2013). I intend to capitalize on Kabani’s assumptions. Here, I will underscore on the need to use of social media as a method of presenting myself to these companies as an authentic marketer.

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