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Asylum Seekers and Trend in Industrial Countries

These are people that claim to be refugees, but their claims have not been evaluated to be true or false. People can be asylum seekers due to different reasons in once country. The number of asylum seekers in the world is on the rise, due to internal conflict, civil war, and threats from election competitors. “Recent example” is the situation in existing in Ivory Coast country, the president holding office and his opponent are facing a stalemate, on who won the general election. About 3 million Ivorian nationals have fled the country to neighboring countries for refuge. The same can be witnessed in other countries, which are faced with different situation. Somalia, Ethiopia, Iraq, and currently Libya are the countries with the highest asylum seekers to different countries due to un-suitable situation in their respective home country (Whittaker, 2006).

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In Ivory Coast, the problem is we have in place, two presidents in office. This was an outcome of a flawed electoral system that was marked with irregularity and the swearing in of two presidents to one office by different agencies and electoral observers. This problem can be solved through a fair electoral process. Ivory Coast has an immense influence from France. The French government should play big brother’s role to see reforms take place in this country. The reform path involves funding. France, through funding of the Ivorian government solidifies its diplomatic ties, and in return improves trade between the two countries. 70% of Ivory Coast imports came from France.

The French government has no obligation, but to be fully involved through funding of peace initiatives in Ivory Coast, and help the Ivorian government form a transition government to stop the forceful eviction of innocent supporters from their homes. With a credible transition government the asylum seekers numbers from Ivory Coast will drastically reduce. International cooperation can also offer expertise, and funding to the different government agency’s to over see the necessary reform in key areas. With a stable Ivorian government, it means business for France.

Sanctions imposed to powerful government officials who obstruct justice, and call for human rights abuse should be encouraged. Currently the country is at a blink of civil war and needs urgent attention. Funding from the international cooperation like the IMF can help the country conduct a fair and free election. Through this improved system, there will be no asylum seekers and all neighboring countries will have no extra cost to fund refugee programs (Cullen,2000). The United Nation objective is to have a peaceful coexistence in the world. The IMF as an agency of UN has to play its mandate by funding this country to peace and stability.

Country like Ethiopia, have a high number of immigrants that run away from their country to South Africa in search of jobs, and better livelihood in other countries. Immigrant’s from Ethiopia, posse as refugees from Somalia. Ethiopians move due to in-habitable conditions in their country. To make Ethiopia’s condition habitable, the government should create jobs for its citizens. International cooperation should be forged between Ethiopia and developed countries to enable it construct or have some industries relocated to Ethiopia from their current countries. This can be done by putting favorable mechanism in place to attract foreign donors.

More funding should be channeled through training of man-power and enacting land policy that is friendly to investors to lure them to Ethiopia. A skilled man-power becomes a source of cheap labor to an industry within the country. Skilled individuals provide room for self employment, and reduce the number of asylum seekers in pretence of being refugees.

Iraq has been to war with its neighbors for over two decades. The fall of Iraq’s strongman Hussam Mubarak in 2003, saw the rise of asylum seekers in the Middle East rise.  Civil war caused by the fall of government has led to gross violation of human rights. The increase of militia insurgent activities has increased asylum activities to more developed countries (Kneebone, 2007). Saudi Arabia government has a strong foreign policy to foster unity to all Arabic countries. This can be gone through funding, and training of Iraq armed forces. It should be strictly begged to Saudi Arabia foreign policy. That heavily relays to the principles of the Koran. Saudi Arabia, home to all Muslims, has the duty to stop militia activities.    


In recent years, we have continued to witness an increase in asylum seekers to more developed countries, in dire need for a good lifestyle. This rise can only be stopped by putting mechanisms to avert conflict within the different countries. International cooperation with industrial countries can be of help through the exchange of expertise in all fields, and also provide financial help to implement much needed reforms. Asylum seekers can be stopped by the cooperation of all interested countries.

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