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Analysis of an Advertisement Sample

Picture presentation is used as a tool to help in determining the overall effectiveness of what message is being communicated to the audience. It contains the ability in a certain case to see the existing means of persuasion. Therefore, presentation is an effective way to pass across a message to large numbers of audience over a particular period of time and in most cases without using spoken word.   

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Analysis of an advertisement to encourage maintenances of forests

The picture contains the words:

‘This shameful waste WEAKENS AMERICA

Remember-Only you can


A warning on dangers of forest fires

Thesis Statement

This picture is an ad encouraging people to take specific actions to prevent forest fires in United States. Normally, picture presentation is used as a tool to aid the determination of the overall effectiveness of what is being communicated to the audience. It contains the ability in a certain case to see the existing means of persuasion.Therefore; presentation is an effective way to pass across a message to large numbers of audience at the same time and in most cases without using verbal communication. For instance, in the above presented picture, the audiences are able to get the message being communicated without someone telling them by spoken words. The message here is to motivate people to take good care of the environment and also of the wild animals through prevention of forest fires. Therefore, to achieve this they are encouraged to act responsibly so that they can avoid forest destruction by fire which leaves many animals homeless. Thus, in analyzing this presentation, the use of ethos, logos, pathos, and kairos are put into consideration.

Ethos is referred to as the appeal that is based on the nature of the presenter, this means that the context for ethos is in reference to the presenter’s reputation and the content can as well be on the characteristics or the particular source selected to be used to support the presentation. This presentation reveals the character of the author as a person who is caring in terms of environmental management and thus wishes to motivate others to be conscious on their actions to environment so as to reduce major environmental hazards like forest fire (Meister 78).

Pathos are used to show emotional appeal and effect, therefore, the presentation above is to try and make people show sympathy and connect emotions to the content presented. The use of pathos in this advertisement was to show the emotion to the audiences so that they get persuaded on the value of preserving environment. For instance, the picture has been brought out in a way that reveals sympathy to animals because of insecurity in their habitats. There is also anger to the negative effects human beings pose to the forest, wild animals, and environment at large. Therefore, those words and the picture itself bring out the emotions in the observers through the facial representation of the animals. The writings below the picture act as reminder to people to take responsibility in the protection of forests and environment as a whole. Basically, animals are under human control and there is nothing they can do in order to have their habitats protected. The picture portrays animals being harassed and victimized indicating the acts of man in causing environmental disasters. In addition, the fire shown in the background emphasizes the meaning of the word “madness” emphasizing on the need to act urgently to prevent such environmental hazards.

The logos in this picture is used as away of persuasion .The people are being persuaded to have mercy on the forests because wild animals are victimized through the bad habits of human beings.Therefore,it’s the individuals who can stop the inhuman actions and take action in preserving the environment because animals have no control over environment. Logos is thus referred to as the main reason or the content of the advertisement. The main reason for this advertisement is to give a warning to people on dangers of fire to forests (Frey 45).

Color in every visual argumentation is very important because many people love it (Frey 47). In fact, color is a strong way to present information, hence the need to put it into wise usage. This can be achieved by choosing colors to be used for header, or key words, and their relation with the visual images. Combining images, key words, use of color fonts, backgrounds, have an outstanding effect on the audience (Frey 47). Just like in the above picture presented, different colors were used to contrast the key terms more easily. The background color relates to the images thus incorporating them to ensure they complement with each other. A few colors were also used to reduce over coloring. For instance, there is black color to represent the smoke, from the fire which is in yellow. The words were written in white for clear viewing, red to show how dangerous fires are to the forests and its environs and the graphics are bold and distinctive

The font used in the visual argument above is Ariel; the heading has the right font choice which has a bold typeface. The sentence “this shameful waste weakens America” is written in bold font style to show emphasize, then “remember is italicized to identify it as a title and bold for additional emphasizes so as to assist separate it from the body.

Critical Analysis

The picture presented was successful in generating emotions in the audience by using animals, but its credibility is weak because the picture used was not original photograph of environmental disasters. The advert could have shown high level of credibility if there was the real photograph presenting or displaying how the current environment is destroyed and polluted. In addition, the picture is not clear on the type of environmental disasters, despite the fact that there is forest fire implying forest destruction, the audience would still find it hard to know what is happening. The readers may try to guess that the advert is trying to protect the environment from destruction, but they can not really get adequate information on the specific environment to show what the advert is trying to promote. Therefore, the ad is weak because the information displayed is not enough to reveal the exact issue intended.


This is an advertisement promoting the importance of preserving our environment so that we can help protect the natural resources or the ecosystem. This is by ensuring that we take good care of our forests and prevent them from fires in order to avoid the consequences encountered such as lose of the rare species, and other animals since forests are a home to many animals and other important tree species. Therefore, the words written below the advertisement are just to emphasize more on the need to preserve and protect forests in all ways possible. And it’s the responsibility of each individual to ensure that the environment is protected and taken care, and when each person becomes responsible to ensuring the safety of the environment, then challenges such as forest fires will be prevented and reduced.

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