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School Experience

First Prompt

I have prepared for the intended major by taking right classes, which are related to the business field, including Accounting, English, Math, and Speech/Communications. I have attended computer and business law classes as well. I have also developed leadership skills while I was studying at high school. Moreover, I have acquired leadership experience in school clubs, volunteer programs, and through an internship and summer job. I have also researched all available options related to my business major, including careers, scholarships, and schools. Therefore, learning, practice, high performance, and accomplishments have increased my readiness to succeed in the upper-division courses once I have enrolled at the university. My interest in business affairs, political life, and the way the global economy operates, has fuelled my intention to major in business. I have chosen a business major due to my interest in global organizational concepts, techniques, and way enterprises operate in the competitive environment. I possess the necessary qualities to build a successful career in this area. The wide world provides endless opportunities to learn and contribute to the business sphere; therefore, I decided to participate in volunteer and internship programs offered by Eli Abroad. In addition to the unbelievable travel experience, I have got a great opportunity to learn the new culture from the inside while cooperating with the locals. I also experienced the fascinating influence while travelling abroad, meeting new people, and recognizing the way foreign enterprises work in foreign countries. I also believe that even with the modest budget and outstanding support, I can make my company successful. The experience in the classroom was also productive due to the interaction between classmates, the engagement, the debate, and instructors unique style. I have improved my language skills and learned how to communicate with confidence. The flexibility and unpredictability of a dynamic classroom have made me more experienced in various subjects. Therefore, I recognized the classroom as a safe zone for the intellectual exploration, where a student cannot only get the necessary knowledge, but intellectually develop. I have acquainted with the new technology and made my voice heard. I believe that my school experience is a vital part of my application.

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Second Prompt

As a leader, I set clear standards and expectations for performance, shared the vision, promoted motivation, empowerment, collaboration, engaged employees, stimulated talent development, accountability, and performance standards to get the favorable result. As a result of my rich experience, I have developed the innate capability to motivate my colleagues to succeed while delivering high business outcomes. Due to the long years of practice, experience, and learning, I have created an ideal performance environment, and my extreme creativity has helped me to embrace optimism to get all tasks completed. The determination of high-performance standards has helped me to identify those individuals, who can realize the set goals and move a team towards progress. The powerful mindset has enabled me as a leader to manage crisis and reach necessary changes in turnaround operations. My experience as a potent pioneer can be characterized as unique one. I also organized the community-based project seeking to engage novices in new business programs and increase their knowledge on current global affairs. As a team leader, I provided the direction, instructions, and guidance to individuals so that they achieve the set goal in the shortest terms. My responsibilities included the development of a strategy to reach the target, the provision of necessary training, and clear instructions to the team members. I also attentively listened to the team members feedback, monitored their participation, and managed the flow of daily operations. My responsibilities also included the development and implementation of a timeline, as well as the guidance of colleagues in completing projects. Experience has slightly changed my own perspective on leading others as I always treat my subordinates equally and fairly. There were many disputes at school and organization, where I studied and worked respectively. Since then, I have developed the ability to successfully resolve conflicts through managing stress quickly while remaining calm and alert, controlling emotions and behavior. I have paid significant attention to other peoples feelings, respect their views and difference, as well as made everything possible to avoid conflicts and complex situations. In addition, I continue to take care of my family members as they heavily rely on me and believe in my future achievements.

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Third Prompt

I am best at problem solving, organizing things, and reaching consensus. I am a good listener, who likes to make budgets and timetables. My talents include the memorization and retention. Frequent reading enhances my memory and intellect abilities, as well as retains necessary information for a long time. Reading and writing skills simplify any complex situation and enable me to make rational decisions in the shortest terms. I recognize the value of my talents as they significantly accelerate my ability to cope with life situations and realize the set purposes. They are meaningful to me as they help me to succeed in professional and educational development, as well all undertakings in business sphere. Skills and talents have not come naturally. I have worked hard to develop them so that they perfectly fit into my schedule. As a result, I was provided with great opportunities to succeed in the classroom. I am proud of my social activeness; skills and talents have improved my memory, creative, and cognitive abilities, expanded vocabulary, helped me be more open, and facilitated the learning of foreign languages. Moreover, I have started to cope with financial difficulties more easily and got many opportunities to make the world better. I have developed the ability to ideally allocate time to review assignments. In an increasingly complex world of higher expectations and tighter deadlines, training, coaching, and mentoring are crucial. In order to fit skills in the schedule, I have created a learning plan and track my own progress. The personalized approach has enabled me to stay organized and carry out tasks in a quick and easy manner. Finding the time for professional development requires significant efforts. The realized goals, talents, skills, and proper scheduling have enabled me to find creative ways and engage in ongoing learning. In order to prosper in the educational and business career, I will need to develop necessary skills in addition to those that I currently have. I also believe that every business leader should possess the following skills: self-discipline, public speaking, good sense of character judgment, patience, and friendliness.

Fourth Prompt

I have always wanted to make my community and school better places to live and study in respectively. As individuals cannot rely solely on governments to address local issues, they need to work hard to nurture schools and address specific community needs. I have contributed to the success of my community and school by organizing a great and unbelievable graduation ceremony. The biggest accomplishment of my team for the past eight years has been the fund-raising through performing a school drama, cooking, and selling foods. We also built a playground for kindergarten students to make this event. I believe that in order for my community and school to thrive, strong education, real school transformation, authentic community connections, and relevant actions are required. In the case, if business, community groups, and families support learning, youth can achieve more in the educational and professional career. Young people are motivated to stay in school longer and enjoy the great experience. However, there is still a lot of work ahead. Recent successful school transformation has been due to the development of a school, community, and business partnerships, relevant curriculum, parental engagement, and ongoing learning. I have also asked individuals about their concerns, expectations, and demonstrated my readiness to help them. I have encouraged all parties concerned with the communitys and schools fate to act jointly towards the resolution of pressing issues as only the collaboration, sharing experience, skills, and the ability to hear and respond to those around can make a difference and ensure constant progress. The development of comprehensive educational and community networks has also helped to raise awareness of locals needs and expectations. To address this issue, our team has promoted resource-sharing and productive collaboration. Through the joint efforts, we have reinvented school, redesigned classrooms, created an open learning space, and community garden. Moreover, I have designed a course and changed the way we participate in the decision-making process. Our joint efforts have been directed towards the educational improvements and addressing the communitys complex challenges. We have raised money on various important projects, garnered community support, and incorporated their proposals on renovating schools.

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