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An application pack in its entirety will tell people who are unlikely to know you personally about you and who you really are. Using the written word to convey your unique qualities as a candidate is an extremely important tool for helping members of a committee to become acquainted with you and to understand why you are suitable for a particular program or position. Hence, it is important to apply a lot of care and attention when preparing this aspect of an application. Due to the fact that most schools use what candidates’ say in their essays to make important decisions about who to select, the prospect of writing a personal essay can be quite daunting.

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Whether students buy personal essays or write their own, it is a good idea to begin the process with a little brainstorming using (and answering) the questions below:

  • What information would better enable an admissions committee to get to know you and your aspirations? What are the characteristics that distinguish you from other candidates? Who else is likely to be seeking admission to this particular program?
  • Why do you find this field or program interesting? What are the aspects that stirred your interest and what factors reinforce that interest?
  • Where did you first hear about this program or field i.e. was it through some seminar, class, or work-related experience?
  • What aspirations do you have for a future career?
  • Does your educational record contain any discrepancies or gaps you need to explain?
  • For what reason(s) should members of the evaluation committee consider you? 
  • What personal traits or skills have you got that might improve your chance of succeeding in the field you are applying to?  

Use the answers from these questions to create your first essay draft. Then do your best to find an angle or hook to get the attention of members of the committee. A strong, thought-provoking and original introductory paragraph is usually a good starting place. Beginning a personal essay in a boring way is one of the biggest mistakes you can make, but this is precisely what a lot of essay writers do. Essays that begin with “It has always been my ambition to …” is a common sight to evaluators. Indeed, they get thousands of these every year. Therefore, writing about a memorable event or telling a story or anecdote about what made you interested in a particular field is an effective way to garner interest in an essay. This technique can add originality, energy and a little drama to a statement or paragraph. However, it is essential that your story or anecdote is relevant to the essay’s purpose and that it is not just you retelling some catchy tale.     

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Once you have completed the first one, two or even three drafts, there is a further set of questions you should consider to help you refine and revise what you have written. These questions are:

  • Is your essay sufficiently attention grabbing?
  • Does your essay make for interesting reading or is it more likely to make readers fall asleep?
  • Have you portrayed yourself in a positive light? Is your writing confident-sounding and upbeat?
  • Is your portrayal of yourself and your achievements honest?
  • Has every question been answered thoroughly?
  • Have you left anything important out i.e. anything to do with your education or work experience?
  • Does your essay give sufficient insight into your personality and character?
  • Is your essay sufficiently well written? Is your tone and grammar perfect and/or are there any issues with verb agreement?
  • Does your work contain any typographical errors?

When it comes to writing the last draft of your essay, make sure it does not contain any spelling mistakes or poor use of the English language. You should further ensure there is no sloppiness, whining, fabrication or exaggeration of your personality, or any avoidance of the questions being asked of you. It is also important to convey your educational experiences accurately and not to show bias towards any ethnic, religious, or political group. Finally, make sure your language is not sexist, or does not reveal any arrogance or weaknesses in your character.    

A personal essay or statement is a crucial tool for gaining admission to a professional or academic institution. While the process of writing a well-considered and original essay may be frustrating, you will succeed after a few drafts and by allowing enough time. The best essays are those that are given sufficient time. A badly written essay can jeopardize your chance of succeeding. Another important thing is to show your various drafts to your course advisor or to a tutor at, say, a writing center. Friends, fellow students, and career advisors will help you produce an effective essay that is well balanced in terms of personal characteristics, academic achievement, and specific detail.  

When you have gained an understanding of the unique features and/or interests of a particular faculty or department, it will be possible to state clearly, why you would like to be admitted to a particular institution. Describe what aspects of the overall approach or structure of the curriculum in a particular school that appeals to you and makes you want to study there. Do not squander precious writing space of the valuable time of readers by saying how great or wonderful an institution is. The members of an admissions or evaluation committee will know this already. What they need to hear about is you. 

Nevertheless, if the school, you are applying to, has any special institutes or programs that you like the sound of, do mention briefly that you would be interested in joining these. Say, for instance, that you are “interesting in being part of the studies or the group because you …,” but do not say how highly regarded or wonderful these aspects of the institution are.

If, while you are researching a faculty or department, a particular member of that faculty or department crops up as someone you would like to work with, mention this. Be quite specific and concise about why this particular person interests you and why you would like to work with them. However, be careful here: You should not attempt to use this technique to “get around” committee members because your application could be affected in an adverse way if you are thought not to be sincere. Just mention the name of the person you are interested in and say how the work they are doing matches your own interests, but do not over-load your interest with anything that could be seen to be superfluous or insincere praise. 

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Providing Information about Yourself

Sometimes, an application may request you to provide some personal information about yourself, e.g., your history. You may be asked to describe various experiences that have given rise to you wanting to pursue an education in a particular field (If there is no request for personal information, you are not obliged to offer any.)

The type of personal information you might want to include is only limited by your life experiences and imagination. However, be very selective in what you decide to include. Two important things to be vigilant about are a) giving too much information and/or b) not giving enough.  

Applicants sometimes digress or ramble on too much about themselves to the extent they may seem self-indulgent and even unappealing to members of a committee. Do not forget that this is an essay of application not an autobiographical essay. By contrast, other applicants are prone to not saying enough about themselves, afraid perhaps to over-promote themselves or not sure, what personal information would interest people who do not know them. In these case, it may be better to focus more on what you hope to do instead of on the things you have done already i.e. allow your academic and/or work record speak for you. This might help you get over any shyness or feelings of inhibition.

In general terms, remember that the aspects of your life and experiences you want to draw attention to should in some way be relevant to your interest in a given field and also of interest to members of an admissions board. When choosing information for including or excluding, try to strike a balance in terms of academic achievements, work experiences, and personal data in a way that is appropriate to the requirements of the application, your own current goals, and your particular situation.

Other Considerations

If there is any other additional and/or relevant information of a personal nature that does not fit easily into your essay or, indeed, into other parts of the application paperwork, you might want to consider adding a condensed CV (curriculum vitae) or resume to the application pack. This applies in particular to candidates who have been employed in a professional capacity since their high school graduation. The type of items to include here might concern presentations, published works, language skills, computer proficiency, relevant job experience, and so on.  

Additionally, where a candidate has experienced particular hardship or had to cope with difficult circumstances that have adversely impacted their academic record, they should consider providing a brief statement of explanation. However, caution is also advisable here since the aim is to explain low grades, and so on without over-stating the case or alienating readers. Again, you should be concise and specific about this. 

It is relatively easy to choose a topic for a personal essay since the subject is familiar to you. The following are some popular topic ideas for personal essays:

  1. A place you want to return to
  2. What my grandparents are like
  3. A movie that moves and motivates you
  4. What you think you will be like in a decade’s time
  5. The car you had for ten seconds
  6. Describe your mother’s face

Top Tips on How to Write a Personal Essay

  • Begin early. Allow sufficient time for recording, revising, and rewriting i.e. time to improve presentation.
  • Read instructions very carefully. Your task is to answer each question in the most direct way possible and you will need to adhere exactly to word count limits.
  • Be truthful in your writing. You do not know the members of the admissions committee. Even in the event you meet one of the committee members later on, he or she will not be able to connect you to your essay since they will have read thousands.
  • Focus on some side of you that shows you in your best light. Maybe you have completed a challenging project, overcome some difficult situation, or benefited from some event. A tighter focus is usually more fascinating than broad generalizations.
  • Express your anxieties in a comfortable manner. Everyone has some anxieties, and showing that you recognize and can confront these is good.
  • Associate yourself to whatever college you are applying to. Describe in specific terms how you think a college can be of benefit to you.  Tailor your essays for different schools/colleges.
  • Be positive in the way you speak. People are often turned off by negativity.
  • Highlight your most notable assets and greatest achievements. Take pride in them.

But remember …

  • Information from other parts of an application should not be repeated. Committee members have seen it already and it can seem as if you have run out of things to say.
  • Avoid writing about impersonal, general topics such as the race to produce nuclear weapons or why effective management is important in business. Readers want to hear about the writer – you!
  • Avoid clichés. 
  • Personal statements should not be used to excuse the writer’s weaknesses or shortcomings. This draws even more attention to them. 
  • Extremes should be avoided i.e. being too smart, too opinionated, or too amusing.

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