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The Last Duel by Eric Jager Essay

Criminal justice system cannot be governed on prejudice proceedings. A criminal act should possess rational proceedings to get results on justice. In the current developed world the concept of prejudice is a dream now. The historical events, education and experience have taught the civilization to the world. However, the ancient historical events are examples of human animalism.

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Thirteenth century was the time when feudalism was in practice, and then the justice was of whom who was powerful or out loud. Moreover, the fourteenth century was the time of battles, wars, criminal activities, and the prejudice justice system was in place.

There are several examples of inhuman events in the ancient history. However, the most popular is “The last duel”. This historical event reflects the justice system of that time. And, it is the most hilarious example of ancient prejudice criminal justice system. This event has been preserved by Eric Jager in his book “The last duel.” This paper will explore the story of Jager’s book and the facts of the ancient history of France and England.  


The last duel by Eric Jager

“The last duel” is a true story of prejudice and feudal system in place in thirteen century in France. The central characters are Jean de Carrouges the accuser, Jacques LeGris the accused, and Marguerite de Carrouges wife of Jean de Carrouges and the defendant of rape case that she had forwarded against Jacques LeGris.

In the court proceedings the decision of duel was declared due to the ambiguity shown by the LeGris. So, court declared that both parties will decide the punishment by duel. The condition was if Jean de Carrouges would lose the duel then Marguerite de Carrouges would be burned, she was at the stake as punishment for her false accusation (Jager, 2004).

Hereinafter, in the battle of two feudal opponents the price would be paid by Marguerite de Carrouges the defendant. She is so much scared for the prejudice justice that has been imposed upon her. And, she is supposed to follow the decisions either it is judicial or of his husband as she is the part of male dominating society. That duel was the last duel fought in France as recorded in the history. On the one hand, story is quite interesting that gives a message, and on the other hand, it had also been alarmed the justice system as it has been declared the last duel.    

Truly saying the writer’s conceptualization of an ancient historic even and portraying it as he himself witnessed it shows his good understanding of history as well as great writing knacks. However, in fact, the emotional, criminal and prejudice element in the story led the uncivilized society to a justice, peaceful and civilized society.        

How dose the feudal status of Jean de Carrouges and Jacques Le Gris affect the story line of The Last Duel?

The major theme in the story is about prejudice criminal justice system. And, Jean de Carrouges, Jacques Le Gris, and Marguerite de Carrouges are the central characters of the story. The story is on quarrel between both of the central characters. And, their quarrel had led the prejudice battle between two of them which actually staked the defendant Marguerite de Carrouges. Therefore, the justice depends upon the success of her husband Jean de Carrouges.

Therefore, the feudal status of Jean de Carrouges and Jacques Le Gris affect the story line of “The last duel”. Or it might be better to define it the story of two feudal worriers in the time of prejudice society.

What Role do woman play in the story?

The woman Marguerite de Carrouges is one of the central characters in the story. And, she is also one of the most concerned and the defendant of the case. Marguerite de Carrouges represents the non dominant or the prejudiced part of society women. However, this last duel had played key role to revolutionize the criminal justice system. It might be right to say that this woman had paid the price to revamp the criminal justice system.

Therefore, the woman in the story is the chief element of story. And, she has had become the last one to face prejudice criminal justice system. The cause of the story is women non dominance and the result of the story is women dominance in the society and their equal rights to confront directly.

What legal concepts determine the final resolution of the de Carrouges/Le Gris feud?

According to the law, rules and regulations as well as it is also essential to identify here the human social proceedings. So, the legal as well as human social proceedings determine the final resolution of the De Carrouges and Le Gris feud judicial proceeding not the prejudice justice.

Hereinafter, that is why it might be the case that this duel was announced and recognized the last one. The very uncivilized and inhuman system was them detected by the society. Therefore, the society then realized that they have to change their approach towards the violent and public execution that was shaped up as a symbol of entertainment. However, afterward, the real legal concepts had been in placed by the kings and they had changed their behavior of violence, public execution and battle.      

Why are two major events of the fourteenth century–the Black Death and the Hundred Year’s War–barely mentioned in The Last Duel?

These two events also refer the uncivilized, prejudice, and worrier natured society. On the one hand, Black Death has been referred and symbolized to the prejudice and worrier nature society. It is mentioned as the punishment of God for a prejudice society. And, on the other hand, Hundred Year’s War also referred to the worrier natured society. Hundred year’s conflict and warfare by France and England had ultimately ended to the peace and civilization.

Briefly describe the affects of these two profoundly devastating events (in the Annual Edition Western Civilization Volume 1, 15th Edition book. The is Article 28–“How a Mysterious Disease Laid Low Europe’s Masses” by Charles L. Mee, Jr. and Article 30–“Joan of Arc” by Kelly De Vries) on European society in the late fourteenth and early fifteenth centuries.

Firstly, the article “How a mysterious disease laid low Europe’s Masses” by Charles L. Mee, Jr has exposed the actual reason of wide spread disease the Black Death. Even though the historian does not detect the actual source of dieses but some of them thought that the disease was come from China though the migrating rats. However, it was clean sweeping disease that had cleaned almost more then half of the population or maybe more then half 60% of Europe population. The disease had been liked to the way of living and the prejudice society of that time (Mee Jr, N.d).

Secondly, the article “Joan of Arc” by Kelly De Vries has also been uncovers the fact of worrier ship of thirteenth to fourteenth century. That was the time when France and England had fought the war that had been stretched to more than one hundred years. Therefore, the worrier natured nation’s notion of battle had also been penetrated into the society. And, reflection of that can be witnessed in the last duel (Book Review: Kelly DeVries. Joan of Arc: A Military Leader, N.d).     

Did the system work–guilty punished and innocent exonerated–in Jager’s story?

In the Jager’s story the system did not work for guilty punishment and innocent exonerated. It was a prejudice criminal system that has no proceedings and no confrontation. But, that was a battle of power and out loud justifications. Therefore, it has no link with the criminal justice system. And, it cannot be worked due to its prejudice approach.


At the end of treatise, it is better to restate the thesis criminal justice system cannot be governed on prejudice proceedings. Hereinafter, after evaluating the uncivilized historic events and analysis of “The last duel” denotes the notion that peace and civilization cannot be attained without the justice.

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