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Jesus According to John Essay

John presents Jesus in a very special way as noted in his Gospel. It is apparent that he considers Jesus more of a special Angel and more of a man. John presents Jesus totally different from the other synoptic Gospels (Barnes,1999). John sees Jesus in a different way from Mathew, Mark and Luke as portrayed  by the book of revelation and the Epistles of John. Additionally in the Gospel of John he equates Jesus with Gods creative work at the beginning (Barnes, 1999) .According to the Gospel of John He presents Jesus as: The giver of eternal life ( Jn. 10:27 New International Version).

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It is also apparent that Jesus is the bread of life ( Jn.28 :35-51). This can be seen as an allusion of the manna given by God. Jesus is also seen as the way truth and life  
(Jn. 14:6) (Barnes,1999). Additionally  John is seen to present Jesus Christ as the light of the world as denoted in the book of John 8:12.

It is prudent as seen in the Gospel of John therefore to say that Jesus Christ is more of a special angel and more of a man. In the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus is arrested, He answers those who come to arrest him with the words IAM (Barnes,1999).

John also presents Jesus Christ as the Son of God. This Humanity approach is justified on the premise that Jesus dwelled among human beings in flesh form ( Jn 1:14).  John therefore depicts Jesus as a Human Being as he shows us the Father son relationship in his Gospel (Brown, 1970).

In the book of revelation John also presents Jesus in a special way.  “Behold, I am coming quickly with my reward ready to award everyone according to what he has done” (Rev. 22: 12-13) . He presents Jesus as the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end. John clearly states that until and unless  people  realize who Jesus is ,they will continue to die out of their sins. He also says that people have to lift up the Son of Man then they shall know that He is He (Brown, 1970) .The Gospel of John differs greatly from the books of Mathew, Mark and Luke as far as content, theme style and even time is concerned. They are seen to dwell more on the birth , baptism, ministry ,life and the death of Jesus  (Barnes,1999).

The word synoptic is from a Greek syn, meaning “together”, whereas optic, means “seen”. The Synoptic Gospels of Luke Mark and Mathew are seen to be similar in stories, same sequence, and almost exact in their wording. There is a very high degree of parallelism in language, content, narration which may only be accounted for by interdependence of literature (Barnes,1999) . I am greatly are of the opinion that these gospels share the same point of view. 

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