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College Application Essay Sample

In my pursuit for knowledge and understanding as a young person I got interested in one particular field and I desired to know more about it. Going through high school was a very fundamental part of my life. My eyes were opened and I began to understand things that I was talented in and those that I could excel in. These past experiences gave me a new beginning and meaning in life because I was able to realize something that I had never noticed. It was not just only a season of experiencing new things but a time of rising up to academic excellence and greater visions. I personally excelled in class and I am very good at sports. The past years have successfully served as base for my personal growth. Through which I embraced respect, team work, love and all other virtues that are essential for co-working and excelling.

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There has been great change in my life as I progress to maturity.  I have become a resourceful person and useful in the building of the nation in the capacity that I am placed. I have developed a better understanding of myself and a complete awareness of who I really am. Individual attitude is what drives every dream and ambition and I have carefully worked on that. On addition I have learned to believe in myself and in the potential within me. I focus my eyes on the set goals because that is where my skills are sharpened. These are some of the reasons that confirm that I will be resourceful to this college. The acquired skills and experiences forms the basis on which I can solely rely on for my rising and shining in this place. I am very active in sports through which I will form part of the other students in lifting the image of the college (Pavlina 288).

As I benefit the college through the potential and the skills within me, I also desire to pursue sports medicine. I have longed to be a sports medicine physician for a very long time and I believe this is the time to arise and make my dream a reality. Being active in sports awakened an unexplainable interest and desire to serve people with the same interest as their physician. One of the main reasons that strongly attracted me to this profession is the personal touch with the world sports that the profession creates. The urge to educate people in sports on how they can avoid injuries which may shutter their dreams was so strong and irresistible. Being knowledgeable of the world’s sports and all other ongoing things made me to settle for this profession besides, there is that satisfaction and joy that I experience in sports that many things cannot bring. On addition, a career is a life time thing and for this reason I wanted something that will keep me joyful, brings pleasure, a career that I will love to do (Heitzmann 70).

I aspire to become a sports medicine physician because of what it deals with, which simply deals with injuries and illness that are got during athletics and other sporting activities. Another reason that made me to settle for this profession is the massive investment on research about the same. Sports medicine is increasingly becoming marketable and for this reason it is much on demand and this explains why most experts want to venture more in it. On addition there are many other marketable fields that one can venture in under this umbrella of sports medicine. For example one can specialize in sports psychology, nutrition, biomechanics and others. These are among the other many reasons behind my intention to pursuing this course. 

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