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The article is devoted to the author’s attempt to define the general notion of learning organization that is topical for modern society, considering examples and approach of the researchers in this sphere. The article is divided in several parts. The first part outlines the lack of practical examples of how effective and developing learning organization can be. The author claims that even though learning organizations were considered to be effective, it was rather difficult to discover working examples of such ones, even in the modern society. The main reason was related to insufficient understanding of organizational learning in the broad aspect. At the same time, several researchers were able to make rather significant impact on the theoretical aspect of organizational learning. Specifically, the main attention is paid to the activity of Donald Schon and Peter Senge in the sphere of development of organizational learning theoretical aspect.

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The author provides genesis of the concept of learning organization, initiating it from the idea of learning society created by Donald Schon. Permanent development and transformation is defined as one of the main features of modern society, which has no static in it. Competitiveness and productivity of the big companies that should be constantly supported promoted the necessity of permanent development so as to provide people with everything they need. As a result, learning and development has become a part of new important business model. Hence, investment in people in terms of their learning and development is now recognized as one of the main priorities in the companies. Peter Senge was the first to provide a definition and strong theoretical basic to the learning organizations. What is more, he managed to demonstrate that the idea of learning organization is not predominantly related to the necessity to educate some individuals, but it is rather general process for the company and its staff. Applying systematic thinking was one of the most important issues in defining and developing the idea of learning organization. Peter Senge emphasized the role of dialogues in the process of organizational learning and claimed it to be one of the most important aspects. Apart from the above mentioned, the article addressed some major issues of developing learning organization, as well as the challenges in management.

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The author of the discussed article pays special attention to the mistakes and issues in the sphere of establishing genuine learning organization. In the broadest sense, these faults were related to the aspect of organization management. One of the main recommendations that can be found in article was connected to estimating human resource as the main value of the company. According to the author’s position, the era when the investments were mainly oriented to the sphere of machinery passed, and nowadays, it is necessary to invest money into workers, thus contributing to the general development of the company and its profit. Social capital is one of the central notions in the article. There is a recommendation for managers to enable people to work and learn in the organization with proper atmosphere, possibilities, chances for development and acquiring new skills. It should be mentioned that providing people with new technologies is as necessary as allowing them to communicate, participate in learning, and receive proper rewards for their progress.

After reading the article, I have concluded that the main challenge in developing decent process of learning in organization is wrong motivation, management, and false priorities announced to the employees. Worker estimate the functional aspect of the organization subjectively; therefore, it is essential to provide them with a broader notion regarding organization’s operation and develop proper motivation. The atmosphere in the collective is also important; no methodologies are able to help, if people are not motivated to work towards common goal. Understanding the necessity of teamwork and the absence of negative atmosphere are bound to enhance the process of learning and development of both the workers and the organization in general. Furthermore, the employees should be aware of how their personal development, success, skills, and abilities can influence the work of organization.

In the aspect of organizational learning that is depicted in the current article, my organization can be considered as really successful one. Firstly, each worker is aware of general situation in the company and, as a result, has enough motivation in order to work in their own sphere as well as to provide all the necessary support to the company. Secondly, the aspect of management is recognized as rather strong with orientation towards the necessity to provide workers with everything they may need for their personal development, proper performance of professional duties, and participation in general activities. At the same time, the aspect of the basis for the development in the organization requires thorough consideration. In this regard, the main challenge my company encounters consists in the low level of learning and development. There is a lack of systematic approach to these issues since each department has its own idea about what is necessary to develop. Despite good relations and a strong sense of collective in the organization, there is no clear idea that would be able to determine common actions. Generally, my organization has a good potential for development, and it is possible to enhance it, provided all the above mentioned aspects are properly addressed in the nearest time.

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