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Imaginary Homelands Salmon Rushdie

Salman Rushdie has established himself as one of the most important in contemporary Britain with most of his books winning several awards. Especially this book about the imaginary homelands has sparkled a lot of memory about his real self. The book brings along three essays together with several statements he has written in the satanic verses to bring about an exceptional autobiography. Salman has dealt with a theme of migration where he is meant to migrate losing his country, language and culture and finding himself forced to come in terms with another country, another way of speaking and thinking. This was now the reality that he had to put up with. Therefore, he had to undergo a great metamorphosis in this story. Therefore, this metamorphosis is provided in this essay as he reflects the way he arrive home where he gets everything looking unfamiliar and it was as if he was being reminded off all the things that he used to have in his earlier times. This can be seen when he opens the telephone directory to find the old memories. He shows us how his old memories are rekindled by looking at his father’s picture, the unchanged telephone number making him see as if they had not gone away to another country across the border. The writer has discussed the politics of Middle East especially Pakistan and India vividly. The essay there has a lot of information about their political history. This is useful in the generation to come as most of the people tend to focus on politics of Britain.  He brings this paradoxically as he says that the struggle of power that is seen in these places in man against power is like struggle of memory against forgetting.  Therefore, this has brought a lot of rivalry between the writers and politician as both would see the world in different images. In his show of Middle East politics, he talks of war that was in Bangladesh. However, the leaders there would talk of themselves being democratic. This collecting of essays has tried to amalgamate different essays without lots of inconsistence making. It has also ensured most of his work. 

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Review of the movie In America

In America is a movie that is unique as it has a moving look that can be termed as immigrants’ experience. It is about the struggles to survive of a family in an unfamiliar country. This movie is produced by Jim Sheridan. The movie presents a balance life which has its highs and lows especially for those who have ventured beyond familiar places in search of something. Jonny and Sarah with their two young daughters Christie and Ariel arrives in America through Canada from Ireland. This is where they had left everything that they knew especially the raw memory of their son who had a tragic death whose death still haunts them. They therefore arrive in a dilapidated apartment in New York wit the worldly possession and ensure that they make it their home. It was hard to make this place their home and they had to struggle also to get their rent. Otherwise, Jonny saw this as a way of life especially that he wanted to be an actor. Sarah became the breadwinner of the home by becoming a waitress at a local ice cream parlor. However, the family life had a turning point through a mysterious and unexpected friendship of Mateo that lead them to attain a grip of the ghost that always haunt them. In America movie however portrays two key differences with the typical film regarding immigrants living in America. The first one is the contemporary place of setting. This is because, most of the movies that features this subject, it takes us to the early in 1900. Secondly, the movie has no relentless depressing as can be shown by most of the immigrant stories. The producer of the movie Sheridan is a political filmmaker but does not advance a course. Otherwise, he bring about a movie where by there is a push and a pull binding Jonny and Sarah family while threatening to tear them apart. This movie is filled with small moment of tragedy and triumph similarly to the real life. The acing of the movie is very good. This is due to the part that has been taken by the parents Paddy Consindine and Samantha striking the right chords as loving parents who attempt to deal with their grief while trying to shield their surviving children from their source of pain and despair. The Bolger sisters Sarah and Emma are natural performers who have captured people feelings creating a lot of sympathy from there initial part of their acting de to their flawlessness and unaffected work. One of the most emotional part that has a lot of true moment is when Christine admits that no one seem s to recognize that she lost something precious when her brother died. It is therefore a great pressure to find a movie talking about immigration with exception of political agenda. This has made In America movie to be highly innovative. It has been highly produced with focuses on characters and their interactions. It does not leave the viewers hanging with unrelieved depression. Sheridan had an overall approach that is cautiously optimistic making In America turns out to be uplifting to most of the people. However, for the sensitive viewers, it will be a great moment as most of them will be overcame by emotions making then constantly shed tears. In fact, In America is a very connecting movie.  It is easy to find yourself aching, hoping, and celebrating with these characters in almost every scene. It gets all its emotions just right. By coping with their sorrow, each in his or her own way, Johnny, Sarah, Christy, and Ariel rises like phoenix s out of the ashes.  

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