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Bread and Tulips Essay Sample


The film “bread and tulips” is a film that talks about a housewife, Rosalba, who was hardworking. When she got bored with her duties as a housewife, she decided to suddenly separate with the rest of her family over the vacation (Soldini S. 2000). When they board a bus for a tour, she is left by the bus but her children and husband do not realize till the bus has moved quite a distance. Her husband instructs her to stay and wait for them but due to her rebellion, she decides to find her war home. She misses the train back home and doesn’t have money to pay for another ticket. Rosalba does not have any money and she opts to befriend a waiter in a cheap hotel where she has to live in. the waiter helps her by serving her with some cold food. During the stay, Rosalba starts working with an aged florist and falls in love with the waiter. Due to her new freedom, Rosalba discovers romance and many things about her life and her husband has to find a proletarian detective in order to trace Rosalba (Maqlietta L. and Ganz B. 2002). When the detective finds Rosalba, he gives a description of the pain that she has given to her sons and husband but also makes her aware that they do not miss her so much.

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Elements of style

The movie “bread of Tulips” makes use of various elements of style in its casting. The first element of style is its composition. In most cases, medium-shot composition is used in the film where we are presented with the images of the actors from their waist upwards (Soldini S. 2000). The film shows change in composition where the images of the actors change as they move close to or away from the screen. The composition of the film also involves the kind of actors who take part in the movie. The director of the movie has used mature people in most cases to show that the movie is made for the ageing generation. The use of color also makes part of the composition of the film. The good choice of the colors and the variety of colors used in the poem increases the aesthetic value of the film. It has also made use of a family in order to show family life. The other element of style in this movie includes the use of lighting. Lighting has been used to create beauty in the film. Editing is another element of style in the movie. Bread of Tulips is a movie that has been well edited and this enables it to pass the facts of the story to the viewers. This is because; the movie presents the things that help us to understand the theme of the movie. Sound has also been used in the movie to accompany the pictures in order to pass the theme of the film to the audience (Maqlietta L. and Ganz B. 2002). 

The theme of the film

Bread of Tulips has various themes. The main theme of the film is to show how women are treated in some societies in particular moments in time. Rosalba is a character who represents the women in the society and through her life; we can say that women do not have good lives and they lack freedom (Soldini S. 2001). The movie shows that women are just housewives and this shows a low social status for women in the society. The treatment of women in the movie shows that women are not appreciated in the society and this is shown when Rosalba was left by her family as they were going out for a tour. The theme of mistreatment of women in the society is also shown when Rosalba’s son changes his phone number making her mother unable to reach her. Even when she is left, the family does not miss her as their mother. Women are also undervalued because when Rosalba is left by her family, they do not mind to know where she had gone. On the other hand, women are also seen to have courage and this is seen from the way Rosalba behaves when she is working in the flower shop. The other theme that is evident in the film is the theme of entertainment. The actions of the film are full of entertainment. For example, the movie is entertaining when Rosalba is left by a tour bus and she does not know where to go. In addition, she also lacks money that can help her get a ticket back home (Soldini S. 2001). The lack of money opens the theme of poverty among women because Rosalba cannot pay her ticket back home. The other theme that is evident in the film is the theme marriage. The film presents the marriage of Rosalba who has a husband and some children. Although she is married, she shows some instances of infidelity when she falls in love with a waiter in the hotel where she is living in. Rosalba’s husband has a mistress and this shows the degree of infidelity among the people in the poem.

The value of the film

This movie is good because it has succeeded in presenting its theme to the audience. The movie is also entertaining because of the actions of its characters. Through the use of characters such as Rosalba, the movie succeeds in showing the kind of life that women have in this society. Bread of Tulips is an emotional, funny and charming movie and this makes the audience to recall most of the episodes in the movie (Maqlietta L. and Ganz B. 2002). The film has also succeeded in presenting good performances of the actors. Each of the actors performs well in the play and this contributes to the success of the film. The film has value because it helps viewers to discover themselves.

Critics of the movie

The movie Bread of Tulips has been criticized for various reasons. One of the reasons for the criticism of the movie is that it has some flaws that spoil the cheerful tone of the movie. For example, the presentation of surreal dreams that bother Rosalba tend to bring the movie to a stop. There are some details in Fernando’s life that never get a good closure. Such details include Fernando’s attempts to commit suicide which is shown at the beginning of the movie but not referred to later on in the movie (Maqlietta L. and Ganz B. 2002). This movie can also be criticized on the basis that some actions shown may not be practical in the real sense. One of such actions is the relationship between Rosalba and Fernando which seems to be impractical in real life situations. Another impractical act in the movie is when Rosalba is left by a tour bus when they are travelling because viewers may not understand how a bus will leave people behind in a journey.


Bread of Tulips is an Italian based movie that focuses on the life of Rosalba, a dutiful housewife. The movie shows that women in the society lack freedom but they try their best to gain some freedom. When Rosalba gets some freedom, she does not wish to go back to her home. The movie has employed different elements of style such as composition, action, color and editing in order to bring out the main theme of the movie. The movie tries to show the life of women in the society and how men treat them. The movie has succeeded in passing its message to the people. However, the movie can be criticized for the presentation of some actions that are not practical in life but the movie is still successful despite the criticisms.

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