11.07.2019 in Psychology

Freuds Psychoanalytic Theory Essay

The cinema “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” by Michel Gondry, is a profound science fiction movie interweaved with the subtle ingredients of psychoanalytic elements deeply engrained in the Freudian psychoanalysis. One can state that there is very insightful integration of the auteur concept within the framework of cinema and demands careful attention to spot the intricacies which emerge through the pen of the screenwriter, who is thematic and forceful in his delivery. The historical evidence of emergence of auteur filmmakers have left impressionable imprint on the mind of the cinemagoers and critics. The movie integrates the literary and psychological aspect of the characters tied within the theme of love and dominant role of scientific intervention in the modern context.

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The grain of the idea is the bizarre situation created in the mind of the screenwriter who is the mastermind of the movie; we see similar psychological phases experienced by the main characters, in the memory lane challenged under the scientific dominance. The scheming characteristic, in the psychoanalytic world is very interestingly integrated within the storyline. The cinema is profound and exquisite in its theme and delivery. It is the art of Charlie Kaufman, the screenwriter who set the stage of auteur concept very subtly integrated in his script. One can see through the movie that he is perpetuated with the power of auteur theory, which manipulates its characters to indulge in actions which are impulsive and bizarre. Kaufman has created an interesting character which projects his auteur subtleties with finesse and brilliance.

The movie very successfully integrates auteur theory with science fiction and surrealism, to create an entangled relationship between husband and wife which is compromised under the wires of scientific methodology to overcome the bitterness of their heartache. Kaufman has been brilliant in deconstructing the prime desire of human mind to erase the unpleasant everyday grind of suffering. This is what happens between Joel and Clementine the two main character of the movie, Joel discovers that is ex-girlfriend has taken the leap to use scientific technology to erase all memories related to him; he chooses to go through that path as well, only to know that he is still attached to them and would like to hold on to the good ones. The procedure confirms his faith in their relationship. The story is told very effectively using random and non-linear order which appears fragmented on purpose. It is effective in developing the auteur element in the movie.

The setting of the movie being in the Long Island, the significance of Montauk, has regional connotation, which signifies the beginning or the end, other complete circuit of love, separation and despair enclosed in one ending. Kaufaman has sued the setting, the symbolism and his power of writing to beautifully blend the true auteur in the sequence of his file “Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind” in team with Grondy. His experience has unparalleled result in mixing a thin line which weaves through the subtle archetypal ideas which are powerfully supported by sequential images which emerge on the scene again and again to reinforce the auteur element within the film.

Surrealism is the tool which is used in the light of Freudian psychoanalytic principle, to introduce the elements unfolds very slowly at the right points in the movie. There are some unrealistic situations, which are blended in to support the auteur concept. The metafiction is forceful and complements the nature of the movie. The movie is imaginative and encourages critical reaction from the audience. It reflects the depth and length of human mind, when it comes to the intricate complexities of the turbulent mind. It is only the pure, virgin, spotless mind which can embrace light and love in harmony. The fragmented approach works beautifully with the message which the director Grondy and screenwriter Kaufmann want to convey to the people, about love, light and life.

The movie projects the distorted thinking which is unique characteristic of neurosis and psychosis, in which the person feels so powerless, or made powerless by the intimate relationship that he/she takes steps which are uncontrolled. These steps are guided by their innate primal nature, overshadowed by deeper urges and dark passions. The two leading character Joel and Clementine, are victim of their own mind, and are trapped in the ripple of their dark thoughts which are painful and disturbing. Hence Clementine, leaps to use science to free herself from the darker elements which overpower her heart and mind.

This decision on the part of the lead character of the movie is very harmonious with the Freudian undertones and auteuraian concepts. This is integration of complex Freudian theory within the framework of the suggestive mind of the leading characters, which undergo through range of emotion. It is sensitive, surreal and complex movie, which takes relationship and uses it as a satire with disturbing elements which are integrated within auteur theory, working predominantly within the framework of the movie. The Freudian undertones are very prominent in the movie “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”.

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