11.07.2019 in Psychology

Child Abuse by Clergy Essay

Mistreatment of children physically, emotionally or sexually is what is referred to as child abuse. In the United States, child mistreatment is defined as any act of omission or commission by either parent or caregiver that leads to harm or threat of harm to a child. In many cases these situations are experienced at home, societies or learning institutions the kid interacts with. It affects each and every segment that makes up society. Perpetrators often include clergies, parents, family members, caretakers, teachers, law enforcement authorities and other children. Basically, child abuse is classified in four namely: being assaulted sexually, emotionally, being neglected and physically (Alison et al 3).

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In this piece of art, we shall discuss the need to make mandatory reporting of child abuse by clergy and the role of the media in ensuring this is done in nations where this move is not supported. Globally, tens of children are being abused sexually by the least expected in the society, the clergy.

In the view of this, nations across the world should work with such organizations as UNICEF and civil society in the respective countries in ensuring that massive campaigns against child abuse by the clergy are thoroughly done. The society should be taught on the procedural way to report such matters so as to ensure such people and not only clergy are brought to book. It should be made a must thing by the international communities that all countries put in place Conventions on the rights of a child (Alison et al 12).Under these conventions, the government  is required to have a responsibility to give security, show some respect and ensure all are satisfied and abide  with the laws. These laws must be written in well understandable language by all and sundry (Alison et al 16).

The abuse of children but the clergy is not personal issue and should be brought in the open. Media can be of help in sensitizing public globally why it is important in reporting such cases to the relevant authority. The young ones can be helped to talk about abuse in their lives and make them aware that it should be reported immediately (Alison et al 103).The media should also make it clear to the public that while it might appear as a choice to report such incidences to the authority, it is punishable by law if one is aware of such a thing and decides to remain discreet. One will be taken as an accomplice while trying to protect the clergy probably because of his reputation in the society at hand.

Media across the globe should work hand in hand with the governments of those countries where they perceive the exposure of clergy after these heinous acts as bad. When media brings attention to child abuse by the clergy and how it is vital to report it creates positive attraction to all, experts and feedback from politicians to the situations which kids and youths get into. Getting to know media attraction and make use of it in a beneficial way is a solution for those who push for their cases in court (Alison et al 123).

Finally, apart from new issues, unique pieces of art, investigated report by media, widespread awareness through media and sensitization of public are commenced. These endeavor to broaden the society awareness of kid’s assault and abandonment, to attract individual’s feelings in regard to kids and youths, and transmission of behavior that adds up to, or increases, the issues of child assault and abandonment in our societies. However, whether sensitization can work or not remains to be seen (Alison et al 153).

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