11.07.2019 in Psychology

Attitude Essay Sample

Attitude may be defined as a beings ‘motive toward a specified thing and way of making things happen. In a mental state, it may refer to a mental state which connects a person to something.

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What is Positive attitude? 

Positive attitude is an essential ingredient in any success initiative. It has been proven that positive attitude is healthy for everybody. Psychologists argue that it is a mental attitude that comes to mind and is good for growth, success and self satisfaction. In this degree program positive attitude is required. I maintain this by learning how to prioritize my work. This helps me to fulfill what I can at a given time. Discovering my purpose daily, helps me in increasing positive attitude. Setting realistic goals also promotes my attitude. Success of other people also increases my attitude plus reading books on positive thinking. My mentors play a very crucial role in maintaining a positive attitude.

Creating an environment that boosts my happiness mostly in school. This improves my attitude towards my degree. Being around students who are positive thinkers have led to growing of my self confidence every day, resulting to positive attitude towards life in general. Few the barriers that affect my attitude include some course   mates who lower my esteem leading to self pity, taking things personal and failure to meet objectives that I have set in a given time. Setting unrealistic goals has led to the decrease of my self confidence resulting to negative attitude. Sometimes when my colleagues and lecturers let me down by failing to turn up in activities, my positive attitude is threatened. A positive attitude is always cultivated and therefore one needs to practice to perfect it and maintain it throughout. In the end it pays very well because it has the potential of driving an individual towards success.

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