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Persuasive Sample of Child Labor Essay

Without hesitation, many people would say that life is full of unforgettable emotions. Fun, joy, and happiness are what everyone desires to have. However, not all people can state that their early years of life were filled with fun and pleasure. Many teenagers state that child labor is what they have to be involved in to make a living and help their parents stay afloat. Many developing and even developed countries admit that child labor is a topical issue. According to the Child Labor Public Education project, more than 215 million children and teenagers aged between 5-17 years are involved into child labor malpractice. At the same time, children work under illegal and exploitative conditions, which negatively influence their health.

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In our child labor essay, we discuss possible causes of the issue, its consequences and solutions. International Labor Organization claims that child labor does not allow children to effectively grow mentally, physically, socially, etc. In terms of their intelligence, children are too young to be involved in early work settings. However, the worst point of it is that child labor often ends with illegal activities such as prostitution, slavery, doing drugs, etc. In a child labor essay, one should differentiate between child labor and activities that do not have any negative impact on one’s health and psychological development. For example, when parents encourage their children to get some pocket money for doing some household chores, it cannot be considered as illegal child labor activity. Instead, children learn how to become independent and provide themselves with the basic needs. Unicef.org mentioned that light work is allowed from a 12-year period. However, one should find classifications and peculiarities of child labor in conventions published by International Labor Organization.

According to statistics, 53% pertaining to child labor comes down to the Pacific and Asia, 30% goes to the African countries, only 7% refer to the Latin America. One should not perceive child labor as one-sided issue, when children work against their will. In many cases, children work on purpose to help their families survive. Many families are in the dead end situations and cannot make ends meet. For this reason, their children must work to get out of a poverty trap. High unemployment rates and single-parent families are other reasons of child labor, which one can discuss deeper in a child labor essay. Another reason of child labor spread around the world is an intention to earn some money for something they adore. For example, some children want to buy a new cell phone or a bike. Some teenagers work part-time to help their parents gather money for college.

However, there are also instances of child labor on a voluntary basis. They are involved in volunteering to make this world a better place. Unfortunately, due to the high unemployment rates and poverty, many people can barely get some food for living. Therefore, engagement in some voluntary/social projects does not presume any exploit of child labor, but shows that children and teenagers are well-aware of social issues around them. While working on a child labor essay, be sure to discuss the most frequent job sectors. Children living in the rural areas are likely to be involved in the agriculture sector. They become “domestic servants” because parents involve them in home schooling and make them work from dawn till dusk. Children work under difficult circumstances, which make them desperate and resort to prostitution and drug dealing. Therefore, the issue of child labor should not be underestimated. One of the common solutions to the child labor is governmental interference. It should introduce new laws to protect children against labor and exploitation.  However, the biggest responsibility should be taken by parents, who need to take care of their children and do everything possible to protect them against early workdays.

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