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Legalization of Medical Marijuana Essay

The human society has been in existence since it got itself in the world. Man is believed to have come into being and developed with time in many and varied perspectives. When you take a study on the nature and the outlook of the society today, there are actually many things that are considered to have greatly changed with time. With the elapse in time, there are many characteristics that have been seen to undergo what can be termed as metamorphosis. In the ethical field, many behavioral characteristics and universal beliefs have been experienced to change with time. Some are getting stronger and stronger skewed to particular directions while others are loosening as they are not expected. With the case of marijuana legalization, it is of great benefit to the life of humans and at the same time, it is detrimental (McCollum, 2001).

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Some of the substances that the society makes use of are the drugs and other medical substances. These are some of the properties that are used according to how the society requires them. They get control and regulation from the society. It is right that different human establishments have their own cultural beliefs and practices. Moreover, there are other aspects of human behavior that have to be controlled by the society. These are based on the studies and knowledge that keeps on evolving in the society. It takes the decision and assumptions of the society to have particular actions get embraced in the society. For instance, with the use of medical substances as marijuana, the society has the capacity to regulate its inflow into the human establishment. The main argument in this research paper is the legalization of medical marijuana. Marijuana is one of the chemical substances that have been detrimentally abused by the society today, yet in some instances, it is of help to the human health (Chapkis & Webb, 2008).

Research methods

There are various methods that were used to have this research get underway. Every evolvement of knowledge in the world is due to the nature of perspectives that man takes after going through a period of experiencing something. This could be intentional or even not intentional. A survey was varied out over a number of hospitals that mainly deals with various psychological problems affecting human beings. At the same time, questionnaires were issued to various medical students who are actually to be doctors and nurses. Similarly, this was done on a number of society custodians. Moreover, there was a thorough study of the books and other literary material that deals with the various drugs in the society, with their use and misuse.

Discussion of findings

Drug use and abuse has been one of the aspects that the society has been fighting over year after year. Many nations have taken bold steps to have the act prevented and eventually stopped within a short period of time. Marijuana is one of the chemical substances that have brought numerous controversies over its use and also abuse. Marijuana is well known for its detrimental effects on the lives of those who use it. It is a chemical substance that can destroy the functioning of the human brain. It is very affective and hazardous to the entire life of human beings. However, marijuana has been medically proved to be the cure of various illnesses that human beings undergo in life. The United States of America has been one of the nations that have had regular fights over the issue of medical marijuana. Many people say that medical marijuana should be legalized while others are for the fact that the drug is harmful to the society and to both the young and the old (Inciardi, 1999).

According to the research that was done on marijuana, many people belief that marijuana has the capacity to be used as a medical substance to heal certain illnesses. This act has already taken place in many states as the US, Canada and Singapore. These are some of the nations that have passed laws that allow the use of the substance in the cure and also prevention of certain illnesses mainly among the adult people. There are a number of medical reports that have been passed as concerns the legalization of marijuana in the medical fields. These reports have been dealing with the various issues that arise due to the use of marijuana, mainly in the medical sectors. Marijuana can actually be used to relief pain, control nausea and vomiting, and also to stimulate appetite. In this case, they are of magnificent use as they are always known to yield good results. There is therefore a need to have the drug be legally used in the society (Gottfried, 2000).

There are a number of merits that would be embraced by legalizing the medical marijuana. Many courts have had several cases to handle as concerns marijuana and its use in the society. Nevertheless, many funds and time have been wasted by courts in handling these cases. With the legalization of the drug, a lot of time and also funds will be saved and channeled to other uses. It is therefore of economic advantage to have the drug legalized. In many countries, there are criminal associations with the production and the trafficking of the drug. This has been the main reason why many other nations have found it hard to have the drug legalized for health use. Moreover, the drug is normally detrimental on its overuse and misuse in the society and specifically among the young people. The use and misuse of drugs should be a health issue and not a criminal one. This has always been the cry of many nations as they try to have marijuana legalized for health use (Inciardi, 1999).

In the United States of America, the citizens have always been urging the government to take actions of legalizing the drug. This has been based on the contentions that the drug is of good use in the medicinal sector as it has been proved to work well with patients who have been suffering from certain illnesses as lack of appetite. One of the main concerns of the people is that the drug has to be allowed only if prescribed by a medical doctor. This is however a reflection of a controversy as many people will get to misuse the drug on the prospect that it has been legalized. There are many American people who are for the fact that marijuana and its uses should be made legal only under the guidance of a medical professional. These contentions are based on the facts that if it is just alloyed to be used, it will be misuse by many people (Minamide, 2006).

There are various implications that would result from the legalization of marijuana. To start with are the positive implications and some of the reasons why marijuana should be legalized. First and foremost, when marijuana is compared to other drugs, it is not more harmful to the lives of those who use it. Research showed that when the drug is used moderately, it is of little harm to the life of the user. It is no more addictive than alcohol and tobacco. As the laws of various countries put it, no one should prevent or stop an individual from accessing to the rights and freedom that he or she is entitled to. There is therefore no reason to handle the issues that concern marijuana as criminal. When the drug is legalized, the price of the commodity will presumably reduce hence there would be less or even no crimes involved in it. Moreover, the drug is a medical substance that is used to cure a multiplicity of illnesses (Gerber, 2004).

Legalizing the use of marijuana may be a downfall in the fight against crime in the society. The drug has been perceived as the major platform that guides an individual to get to other more dangerous substances as cocaine and heroin. It may be thought as a harmless drug but its use may result in detrimental repercussions on the life of an individual. Use of the drug poses danger in an individual’s participation in other activities as driving. Moreover, the use of the drug has been considered immoral in the society. Many people who have been found to use the drug are always among the criminal and socially perverted groups in the society (Chapkis & Webb, 2008).


Marijuana is of the substances that have been in use for many years. The use of the drug is of a risk as well as benefit to the society. In the medical point of view, the drug has been scientifically proved as meaningful in the cure of various illnesses in the body. However, the use of the drug has particular dangers to the health of the people who are involved in it. Legalizing the drug is therefore subject to the changing trends in the moral values in the society sandwiched with the health expectations. 

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