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Questions Law Form Last Essay

Q1.Choice of law rules needs urgent international agreement if Internet Commerce is to flourish.

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            Urgency in the international agreement in terms of law rules pertaining to Internet Commerce is required as business activities are concern.  Considering that the Internet is changing from an academic matter and computer buff phenomenon into a required tool for many mainstream, commercial enterprises common laws should be in place. In the recent past, EDI has developing to an effective tool for international trade and the need to choose the rules governing the use of it and its trading partners will give confidence in addressing the recognized rise in legal issues from the commercial use of EDI in international trade. This will also provide a strong a strong legal and practical framework for recording and considering the necessary business decisions to be undertaken in business.

Q2.Though cyberspace is a lawless frontier; it is developing to be a problem in that it is subject to too many laws.

            It is certainly a pity that the cyberspace has not turned to be quite a place of freedom that it ones promise to be. This is due to the rules, which has been imposed on its use with the aim of reducing cheats and hacking of information’s in the process of transmission. When yahoo set a law that required websites to filter their content to avoid breaking country-specific laws, the American cyber libraries that had the hope of using the internet to spread the free-speech gospel around the world were horrified. This was because it restrains the desire to freedom of expression.

Another disadvantage of many laws is that it has lead to misinformation due to defamatory of information, which cannot be verified. It has also become difficult to track and monitor who are using the internet for criminal purposes.

 Q3. Reasons why Electronic data interchange (EDI) have developed from a manual document replacement to a critical systems component of many businesses.

Currently electronic data interchange is a very crucial system in any transaction taking place in a business. This has seen the growth of electronic data interchange from a manual document to a critical system. This is because of the advent of computer and a vast increase in the amount of business transactions taking place. In addition, there are many concepts arising for example; the just-in-time production and delivery of goods. This concept requires a technology, which is updated like the critical component system of EDI. Many organizations operating businesses have also improved supply chain management with effective corporate cash flow managements.  Considering also the fact globalisation of economic activities and businesses is taking place, many individuals, in business, share business ideas and because of this, EDI has become a critical system component of many businesses. It has made businesses more efficient, more productive and more competitive.

 Q4. Legal issues arising from the use of EDI

            EDI upon its establishment and its operation have raised many legal issues. Amongst them is the issue of data security, security and protection from any alteration of transmission of data. This has been happening in a commercial communication where hackers or criminals has intercepted and alter information being transmitted. Another legal issue is the balanced need with cost. With the issue of security in place, the security scheme chosen should be carefully considered before making the expenditures. This is because the implementation of the most elaborate measures of a security scheme is a cumbersome and costly waste.

Record retention with the use of EDI is another major legal issue in the use of EDI. The issue of records retention practices is getting complicated with the use of an electronic data interchange as compared with those for paper records. The reason behind this complication is that EDI tend to be engineered with redundant backup capability rather than systematic information elimination.

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